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    Trading(Machinery), Manufacturing(Machinery)

  • Mô tả công việc

    ★ Responsibility
    - Responsible for collecting and cleaning raw material data for manipulation.
    ★ Job details
    1/ Data analysis:
    - Imported, cleaned, transformed, and modeled data of sales, delivery, product information from company Oracle database and market information from annual sales retail audit.
    - Key features include sale analysis by products, time period and regions, comparing to selling product, predicting sale trends and tracking KPIs.
    - Developing Power BI Sale report for analyzing monthly sales performance of ECM product categories (more than 20+ product lines and 1000+ items codes).
    - Developed interactive report and dashboards using advanced DAX queries.
    - Deep-dive variation of data including external and internal, primary and secondary to analysis market performance and help company business.
    2/ Marketing research:
    - Market retail audit: annually conduct research with agency to measure market movement.
    - Market visualization research: visualizing regions character in nationwide by conducting desk research for secondary data, and qualitative/quantitative research for primary data.
    - Using strategic models (4Ps, 3Cs, BCG, STP …) for getting business insight in order to help strategy decisions of annual business plan and Mid-term plan.
    - Others Ad-hoc research required.
    3/ Administration:
    - To transact, negotiate, execute contract/payment with domain/suppliers.
    - To prepare all payment documents for agency and debit note for area head quarter.
    - To prepare material for monthly report.
    - Other tasks is assigned by management.

Trình độ

  • Yêu cầu

    - Graduated from University
    - 1-3 years of working experience in a similar position
    - Good English communication both verbal and writing.
    - Understanding of marketing research.
    - Knowledge of marketing principal and digital marketing.
    - Logical thinking and analytical skills, Ownership spirit
    - Working as both a teamwork and individual

    - Experience in electrical product will be plus

    - Proficient in Ms Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
    - Advance Excel skill and Data management.
    - Good at Power BI and DAX queries.
    - Strong presentation skill.
    - Negotiation and strong communication
    - Good problem-solving skill, Time-management skills, good organization & arrangement skill

  • Tiếng Anh

    Intermediate Level

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