Senior & Principal Ruby on Rails Developer(AWS/Backend)ID:24297

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    【Job Summary】
    - Responsible for developing the application in cooperation with the product manager. Working in the form of Squad, a small team can quickly and consistently engage in everything from design to development, testing, and operation.

    【Main responsibilities】
    1. Job Scope
    - Design, develop, test, operate, and refactor products using Ruby on Rails.
    - Propose and implement new features and improvement ideas.
    - Collaborate with product managers and designers to define requirements and specifications.
    - Architecture design based on requirements, and middleware selection.
    - Continuously learn about technical trends and industry best practices and apply them to the product.
    - Measurement of effects for quality improvement and implementation of service improvement measures

    2. Development environment
    - Development Language: Ruby (on Rails)
    - Infrastructure: AWS, GCP
    - CI/CD: Circle CI / Codebuild
    - DB: Amazon Aurora (MySQL compatible edition), Elasticsearch, DynamoDB
    - Configuration management: Ansible
    - Deploy / Build: CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CircleCI, GitHub Actions
    - IaC: Packer, Terraform
    - Monitoring: Datadog, bugsnag
    - Others: swagger, Docker, ZenHub, Figma, Slack / Jira

    【Company/Job Attraction】
    - Good benefits package (Flexible working time, Insurance in full gross salary, Attractive salary, Macbook Pro, monitors,...)
    - 12 days annual leaves, + New Year holiday according to the Japanese calendar
    - Good career advancement opportunities

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  • Yêu cầu

    - University graduate in the related majors
    - 5+ years of experience in developing and operating Web services using Ruby on Rails
    - Experience as a technical lead throughout the full project development lifecycle
    - Knowledge and development experience with database systems
    - Experience using cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.)
    - Experience in API design, development, and documentation
    - Understanding of the software development lifecycle
    - Programming, debugging, and testing skills
    - Good at English communication

    - Experience in discovering problems from logs and solving problems.
    - Experience in developing systems using container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.
    - Experience in designing architecture based on application requirements and selecting middleware.
    - Experience in publishing and contributing OSS.
    - External technical output experience (writing, technical blog, stage, etc.).

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    Intermediate Level

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