Senior Android Developer (Kotlin)ID:24289

-Dist 12 tháng trước

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    【Job Summary】
    - Responsible for developing the application in cooperation with the product manager, working in the form of Squad, a small team can quickly and consistently engage in everything from design to development, testing, and operation

    【Main responsibilities】
    1. Job Scope
    - Design and implementation function of the product in charge using ReactJS/VueJS
    - Implement UI and improve UX close to the customer's business to realize DX promotion
    - Requirements definition and specification formulation in collaboration with product managers and designers
    - Review the design, and programming of other engineers

    2. Development environment
    - Programming: TypeScript/HTML/CSS
    - Framework: VueJS, NuxtJS, ReactJS, NextJS
    - Infrastructure: AWS/GCP
    - CI/CD: Circle CI/Bitrise/GitHub Actions
    - Knowledge Tool: Confluence/esa
    - VCS: GitHub
    - Others: Slack/Jira/Trello

    【Company/Job Attraction】
    - Full benefits package
    - Good career advancement opportunities
    - Opportunity to acquire technical knowledge and experience in the latest technologies

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  • Yêu cầu

    - University graduate in the related majors
    - 7+ years of experience in a software development role: Frontend Developer
    - Experience with TypeScript language, and frontend frameworks (VueJS, ReactJS etc.)
    - Knowledge and ability to explain principles of web operation and differences of browsers
    - Experience as a technical lead throughout the full project development lifecycle
    - Basic knowledge of Web application security
    - Skills in development and operation using various frameworks
    - Experience Test code implementation (Unit Test)
    - Good at English communication (Intermediate)

    - Knowledge of backend development (Golang/ Ruby on Rails/ Others)
    - Experienced in developing Front-end microservices,
    - Discovering problems from logs and solving problems
    - Deciding and progressing the technical policy of the team as a tech lead.
    - Using and understanding of Library and Framework.
    - Publishing and contributing to OSS.

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    Intermediate Level

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