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10,000,000 VND ~ 15,000,000 VNDBinh Dinhkhoảng 1 tháng trước

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    10,000,000 VND ~ 15,000,000 VND

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    <Job summary>
    - You will be work as sewing staff and handle some controlling tasks.

    - Sewing the garment.
    - Teaching sewing to workers.
    - In order to improve the efficiency of the production line, you will be responsible for checking and analyzing the process line (20 to 30 workers per line).
    - Pattern make check and roller.

    <Working and living environment>
    - Tay Son Factory (to be completed in June 2019)
    Number of employees: 210. Sewing factory for safety protective clothing, etc. - 300,000 garments or more per year
    - Product: Protective clothing, OEM(Blouson pants, shirts for Working uniform)

    <Career path>
    - You will be deputy factory manager if you want.
    - You will work as garment technician for some years. Current factory manager will teach you how to manage factory.
    - Then 1~3 years later, you will be deputy factory manager then be factory manager in the future.

Trình độ

  • Yêu cầu

    - Having more than 3 years experience as a sewer of clothing.

    - Experience working at garment factory in Japan.
    - Experience of teaching how to sew to worker at garment factory.
    - Who would like to be Deputy factory manager.

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