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[Computer/Information Technology] Job search list

Conditions in searching
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Accounting Staff(IT/Dist1) ID:12465

Job Description -Manage daily sales and purchase, and input to Excel
-Interaction with external Vietnamese tax accountants
-ask external accounting company about accounting.
-Management of contracts related to accounting
-Translate what the Japanese manager says to the Vietnamese staff as necessary(only GA staff do now)
Required Qualifications <MUST>
-Experience about accounting (included report on deposit and withdrawal) more than 2 years
-Knowledge of law related to accounting
-Japanese N2~N3 level
-Have Chief Account Qualification
-Have knowledge of IT
Salary Monthly Salary 14,000,000VND 〜 20,000,000VND
Location Dist 1

Web designer ID:11098

Job Description - Making banner for advertising to Vietnam (Facebook and Google)
- Meeting with customer (0~1/1 day)

①Making regular banner(for potential customer)
 ∟meeting about theme of banner with sales staff
 ∟determine effect from advertising report
 ∟collect material 
∟making banner
②Making SPOT banner(for new customer)
 ∟meeting about theme of banner with sales staff
 ∟collect material 
∟making banner

<From company>
This company is established June 2017.
They are looking for someone can work together to get No.1 advertising agency.
Internet advertising is the business which will be expand.
We are waiting who can challenge in this new field.

For people who thinks willing to make No.1 company or make an big company from 0 when you read this message,
Let's make the best company together!!!

Required Qualifications <Must>
- Japanese N2 level (communicate with Japanese manger)
- Can use Photoshop
- Have experience of making video
- Have experience of advertising design
- Under 30 years old
Salary Monthly Salary 6,800,000VND 〜 22,700,000VND
Location Dist 3

CTO ID:12045

Job Description - Support every projects by IT
- When problem arise, can solve problem quickly and give solution for project.
- Business analysis, design for every project
- Support the growth of people and team.
- Evaluate and give feedback on team members.
- Researching new technology
- Create a report ad hoc.
- Deployment new technology and training for member
- Sharing knowledge and conducting training in order to increase skills for other members
- Gather and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs
- Create and maintain software documentation
- Be responsible for maintaining, expanding, and scaling our site
- Stay plugged into emerging technologies/industry trends and apply them into operations and activities
- Cooperate with web designers to match visual design intent
Required Qualifications - At least 8 years developing experience
- At least 4 years experience as a team leader.
- Can read and writing in English
- Flexible scheduling of work time, overtime to ensure the project deadline.
- at least 2 years working experience in Japanese company
- Responsibility, willing to cooperate with all departments to be a good team player to achieve the goal.
- More details will be discussed in the interview.
Salary Monthly Salary 45,400,000VND 〜 68,000,000VND

QC leader Web & Mobile (manual test) ID:11712

Job Description - Create test plan, test case, design and consult to client
- Management member
- Business analysis
- Management project
- Understanding about Web application and Mobile application testing
Required Qualifications - Good at writing and communication skills in Japanese. (Equivalent to N3 or more).
- At least 5 years experience in QC position.
- At least 2 years experience as a team leader.
- Can read and writing English
- Have testing skills
- Flexible scheduling of work time, overtime to ensure the project deadline.
- At least 2 years working experience in Japanese company
- Responsibility, willing to cooperate with all departments to be a good team player to achieve the goal.
- More details will be discussed in the interview.
Salary Monthly Salary 36,300,000VND 〜 36,300,000VND

[Dist 12] BSE ID:10865

Job Description - Project management about web development, apps development and some project as bridge SE
- Communicate with Japanese head office project delivery, specification and progress
- Direct development, specification, delivery and some request from Japan to Vietnamese developer
※This position is representatives of Vietnamese team
Required Qualifications <Must>
- Have experience with Bridge SE
- Have knowledge of software development
- Have a experience of outsourcing development
- N2 Japanese level (no holder)
- Good communication and management skill
- Can read and write in English
Salary Monthly Salary 27,200,000VND 〜 56,800,000VND
Location Dist 12

Software developer (Dist 12) ID:10866

Job Description - Developing Software (C / C++)
- Developing new functionality when get order from customer or head office
- Software programming and debug

- Screen Software for Wire bonder
- Control Software for Wire bonder
It will be decided by candidate's adequate (Experience and skills)
Required Qualifications <Must>
- Have knowledge and skills C / C++
- Have experience at least 1 year (much better more than 4 years)

- English skills
- Much better to have Japanese skills (Salary 11,000,000 - 20,000,000VND)
Salary Monthly Salary 9,000,000VND 〜 18,500,000VND
Location Dist 12

Software Tester (Dist 12) ID:12781

Job Description - Design independent web cases for each newly developed web application.
- Provide feedback to developers about automated testing strategies, design fixes, and patches.
- Perform system load tests for new products.
- Manage and train apprentices, junior testers, and new developers.
- Work with other quality technicians to document the quality processes for replication in other locations.
- Manage testing projects during each phase, according to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
- Make improvements to functionality, design, and usability of new products.
Required Qualifications <Must>
- Have knowledge of basic IT (If someone learned IT in a university or vocational, it is OK to apply this position)
- English skills (internal communication/ report)

- Japanese skills (communicate with Japanese head office)

*Fresher can apply
*Salary is depends on Experience, skills and education

- Can teamwork
- Be interested Robot
Salary Monthly Salary 14,755,000VND 〜 20,430,000VND
Location Dist 12

QA Engineer (Automation testing) ID:12778

Job Description Everyday, millions of people around the world use our products. Given the user base, even the tiniest malfunction could potentially cause a massive impact for everyone. Therefore, controlling the quality of every release we push out is of the utmost importance to our team.

We are looking for a talented QA Engineer to join us. You will be fully hands-on with our automated testing system to ensure that our release is always at its best.

As a QA engineer, you will be working with us to:
• Create & maintain automated and manual test cases as appropriate.
• Provide clear and concise bug reports.
• Contribute to build and maintain our automation framework.
• Work closely with our customer support team to verify if user-reported incidents are bugs.
• Work closely with our product owners to create testing strategies & plans for every new release.
Required Qualifications Experience::
• At least 2 years in Quality Assurance & Quality Engineering.
• At least 1 year of Automation Experience with Selenium or Appium.
• Experience working with automation testing frameworks and tools such as Selenium, SauceLabs, Appium, Jenkins, and GIT.
• Proficiency with Java; nice to have basic knowledge of JavaScript.
• Familiarity with CI/CD concepts and best practices including use of tools such as Jenkins and Git.
• Well-rounded knowledge of QA best practices across SDLC.
• Must be able to describe and discuss problems in both writing & speaking.
• English (Conversation level)
• Open-minded, fast learner, and team player.
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000,000VND 〜 23,000,000VND
Location Dist 7

Interpreter Staff(IT/Dist1) ID:12759

Job Description -Interpreting Japanese - Vietnamese - English between Japanese and Vietnamese engineers.
-Translating document from Japanese to English or Vietnamese and vice versa.
-Supporting on General Affair if necessary.
-Manage daily sales and purchase, and input to Excel
-Translate what the Japanese manager says to the Vietnamese staff as necessary(only GA staff do now)
-Visit your customer with Japanese Manager as a interpreter
Required Qualifications <MUST>
-Japanese upper N2 level
-Young Female
-2 years experience of working in Japanese company /or graduated from Japanese school /or live in Japan for over 1 year.
-Have knowledge of IT
-Experience about GA
Salary Monthly Salary 14,000,000VND 〜 19,000,000VND
Location Dist 1

BSE (SE+N3) (no experience+N1) ID:10586

Job Description ● Transferring system requirements written in Japanese to Vietnamese developers.
● Transferring the questions and requirements from Vietnamese developers to Japanese staff.
● Managing the projects while closely communicating with Japanese team in Japan.
● Joining the Skype meeting, Chat meeting and the real meeting spoken in Japanese.
● Assisting to PM and other BSE in processing projects.
Required Qualifications ☆Proactive and high sense of responsibility, ambitious, willing to learn, hardworking.
☆Can explain their opinion by Japanese, Can understand what they want to tell

<SE + N3> ※ Prefer than N1 class + no experience
- N3 intermediate <Especially Communication >
- Strong experience in IT
- Experience in programming with any programming language
- Project management skill and communication skill

- Experience or knowledge about AWS/Azure
- Used to be a Project Manager, Proje4m,4t Leader
- English

<No experience + N1>
- have interested in IT
- N1~N2

✔ Fresh graduate is okay
Salary Monthly Salary 1,000USD 〜 2,500USD
Location Dist 3

【IT大国ベトナムで働く / 高収入】日本人マネージャー ID:10064

Job Description 【IT大国ベトナムで働く / 高収入】

- スケジュール管理、メンタル管理、モチベーションの向上、ベトナム人スタッフの教育、など

- 日本から受注をうけるプロジェクト進行の企画、立案、運営。
- ベトナムのフィードバックの収集と共有
- Web、アプリケーション開発業務
- システム設計・開発・構築

Required Qualifications <必須条件>
- 英語(簡単な会話ができるレベル)※ベトナム語でも可
- IT企業勤務経験(5年以上)
- マネジメント経験(1-2年)


- コミュニケーション力、チーム力、他者に対する気遣いなど高い位置で物事を見る力
- 長期的なキャリア形成の為、32歳~35歳周辺の方が望ましいです。
- 大学の学位
- JAVAエンジニア経験
Salary Monthly Salary 2,000USD 〜 4,000USD
Location Ho Chi Minh

【IT大国ベトナムで働く / 高収入】日本人マネージャー(候補生) ID:12766

Job Description 【IT大国ベトナムで働く / 高収入】

マネージャー業務 サポート(メインはスタッフの管理となります)
- スケジュール管理、メンタル管理、モチベーションの向上、ベトナム人スタッフの教育、など

- 日本から受注をうけるプロジェクト進行の企画、立案、運営。
- ベトナムのフィードバックの収集と共有
- Web、アプリケーション開発業務
- システム設計・開発・構築

Required Qualifications <必須条件>
- 英語(簡単な会話ができるレベル)※ベトナム語でも可
- IT企業勤務経験(1-2年以上)
- マネジメント経験(3年以上)


- コミュニケーション力、チーム力、他者に対する気遣いなど高い位置で物事を見る力
- 長期的なキャリア形成の為、30歳周辺の方が望ましいです。
- 大学の学位
- JAVAエンジニア経験
Salary Monthly Salary 1,500USD 〜 2,000USD
Location Ho Chi Minh

Bridge Software Engineer - BSE_(Japanese language) ID:12336

Job Description ・Analyze requirement, discuss with technical team to propose solutions/estimation to customer
・Be responsible for all project requirements in Vietnam side and help the development team to clarify if any unclear
・Communicate with customer via phone, web meeting, and discuss question/issues via ticket system on all project related matters
・Work closely with Project Manager to monitor, control project and report project status/progress to customer daily/weekly
・Translate detail design, test cases from Japanese to Vietnamese or vice versa
・Join the final test to make sure the delivery matched with customer expectation.
Required Qualifications MUST:
Education: BS Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or related subject
Language : Advanced Japanese level (N2 - above N3) and good communication skill
Experience: At least 1 year or 2 years of experience working as BSE position for offshore company and understand Japanese working style
・Have negotiation skills to deal with customer on issues related to work content, quality, schedule etc
・Understand software development process and outsourcing
・Knowledge and experience to make basic design and detail design

・Be able to read & understand technical specifications in English language is a plus
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000,000VND 〜 28,000,000VND
Location Dist 3

QA Leader (N3) ID:12292

Job Description - Trao đổi với khách hàng về yêu cầu của dự án để lập kế hoạch chi tiết cho test team, và quản lý tiến độ của team.
- Review tài liệu test, thực hiện test scenario
- Kiểm soát, theo dõi kết quả test để đảm bảo chất lượng dự án.
- Tổng hợp kết quả test của cả team cho khách hàng
- Tổng hợp các vấn đề phát sinh trong quá trình thực hiện dự án và đưa ra các đề xuất để cải tiến
- Training nhân viên mới
Required Qualifications - Tiếng nhật tương đương N2
- Có kinh nghiệm về kiểm thử phần mềm tối thiểu 5 năm.
Salary Monthly Salary 500USD 〜 1,000USD
Location Ha Noi

Software Developer ID:11089

Job Description - Software development and support for OS/Middleware/Embedded/Application of Japanese company in Vietnam and Japan and local company in Vietnam.
- Offshore service of Japanese customers
- SI and system solution service for Server/Storage/Network
Required Qualifications - Japanese skill of N3
- Have knowledge and ~ 1 year experience in Java
Salary Monthly Salary 700USD 〜 1,000USD
Location Ha Noi

【Skype面談OK】ITプロジェクトマネージャー募集!東南アジア最大のIT大国で働く! ID:12386

Job Description 【Skype面談OK】ITプロジェクトマネージャー募集!東南アジア最大のIT大国で働く!
Required Qualifications <必須条件>


・ IT業界に興味がある
Salary Monthly Salary 1,500USD 〜 2,000USD
Location Dist 1

【英語不問】【新卒OK!】【 Skype面談OK】ITプロジェクトマネージャー候補生募集!東南アジア最大のIT大国で働く! ID:12387

Job Description 【英語不問】【新卒OK!】【 Skype面談OK】ITプロジェクトマネージャー候補生募集!東南アジア最大のIT大国で働く!

Required Qualifications ・ベトナムのIT業界で一旗揚げたい方!

・ IT業界に興味がある
Salary Monthly Salary 1,000USD 〜 1,200USD
Location Dist 1

JAVA leader (Dist 12) ID:10826

Job Description - Developing and review code
- Management to members
- Ensure Quality
- Code Review
- Training PG
Required Qualifications - PHP(At leaset 3 years PL or PL expected)
- English (intermediate level)
- strong experience: spring (spring date, spring security, spring MVC)
- Experience with Java SE 5-8, JDK, SDK
- Experience with web frameworks: struts, tapestry/wicket
- Good at using: SQL or My SQL
- Experience with HTML, Java script, CSS
- Experience with JLEE, JSP
- If they can speak Japanese, much better
Salary Monthly Salary 800USD 〜 1,400USD
Location Dist 12

PHP Projecgt Manager (Dist 12) ID:12145

Job Description - Developing and review code
- Management to members
Required Qualifications <Must>
- PHP (Have more than 5 years experience as a PM or BSE)
- Strong experience : cako PHP, Zen Franwork, Code Igniter
- Good at using SQL or My SQL
- Experience and good at HTML, Java script
*No need experience of PM

- Can speak Japanese
Salary Monthly Salary 1,500USD 〜 2,000USD
Location Dist 12

【英語力問わない!】JAVA EM(エグゼクティブマネージャー) ID:12750

Job Description ◆英語力問わない!福利厚生もしっかりしています!


Required Qualifications <必須要件>
・PHP(最低5年以上の経験 PMの経験はなくてもよい)

Salary Monthly Salary 2,500USD 〜 3,000USD
Location Dist 12

All164 (1〜20 )