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    Import and Export, Supply Chain, Business Development, Agriculture, Product Development/Marketing, International/Commodity Trading

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  • Job Description

    【Manager for Fertilizers and Plant Growth Regulator Products】
    A)Main Jobs
    a.Developing, Registering, Trading and Distributing Fertilizers and Plant Growth Regulator Products for agricultural crops in Vietnam, which are introduced by Sumitomo Corporation Group Companies from all over the world, such as;

    1)Preparing the Market Research Report for the market in Vietnam for those new Fertilizers and Plant Growth Regulator Products, according to the introduction of those products from Sumitomo Corporation Group Companies.

    2)Registering those products in Vietnam, according to the regulations by Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development in Vietnam,

    3)Studying the Marketing and Promotion for those products into Vietnamese market, according to the characteristics of those products,

    4)Distributing those products to Dealers and Retailers for agricultural Farmers, through technical advices and price negotiations, and

    5)Preparing and Controlling the Budget of those products, for Sales, Gross Profit and Sales Expenses required for marketing and promotions.

    b.Any other Development and Distribution business for the products, which can’t be categorized in Fertilizers or Plant Growth Regulator Products, but used for developing agriculture in Vietnam, such as new technology to protect the Crops and so on.

    c.Supporting the Indent Business, which is the import transactions between Sumitomo Corporation Group Companies and other Importers in Vietnam than the New Company, in the communication with such other Importers in Vietnamese language and then communicating with Sumitomo Corporation Group Companies in English, including some negotiations required for pricing and so on.

    d.Reporting to Sales Manager, General Director and President of the New Company about the Development and Distribution business, including the report to Sumitomo Corporation Group Companies which are introducing those products to the New Company.

    e. And other relevant jobs

    B)Support Jobs;
    a.Technical documentary preparation (such as Product Presentations, Technical Presentations, Promotion Tools or Materials).

    b.Co-work & support with Supply Chain Team, Sales & Marketing Team for smoothly proceeding the Import, Marketing and Distribution business.

    c.And other relevant jobs

  • Requirement

    -University Degree in Agriculture (especially Crop Protection degree)
    -Having more than 5 years’ experience in Trading/Distribution Business of Fertilizers/Plant Growth Regulator Products in Vietnam, with overseas Suppliers.
    - English: Upper-Intermediate (Communicate with foreigner clients)
    -Have knowledge about the Registration Procedures of Fertilizers and Plant Growth Regulator Products in Vietnam, in line with the regulations by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
    -Have knowledge about the Sales Chain (such as the Dealers and the Retailers) for Fertilizers and Plant Growth Regulators in Vietnam, especially in Mekong Delta area.

    *Experience in Japanese big Trading Firms, such as SOUJITSU Vietnam, or in professional Suppliers of those products such as YARA Vietnam, can be much advantageous.

  • English Level

    Upper-Intermediate Level

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