16,000,000 VND ~ 18,000,000 VNDPhu NhuanHơn 3 tháng trước hoặc lâu hơn

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  • Mức lương

    16,000,000 VND ~ 18,000,000 VND

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    【Job Summary】
    - You will be in charge of Training Assistant at HR consulting company.

    【Job description】
    1. Plan and execute promotional activities and propose training and consulting programs
    - Plan, conduct introduction and promotion for training programs.
    - For in-house programs: Receiving training needs and requirements of customers, preparing program proposals and quotes.
    - For public program: Explain the training program, guide customers to submit the application form.
    - Drafting and negotiating contracts with customers.
    - Ensure sufficient number of participants for the Public course and the number of In-house training days per month according to the company's target.

    2. Responsible for program organization, stakeholder liaison, and pre-show logistics to ensure program quality.
    - Liaise with customers and partners to prepare rooms and locations for training and consulting.
    - Print training materials, prepare all supplies including tools, necessary tools, and other logistics such as meals, drinks, etc.
    - Contact and support lecturers in booking air tickets, hotels and transportation for lecturers, etc.

    3. Support throughout the duration of the program

    4. Conduct post-program support activities
    - Issue payment requests to customers and track payments
    - Summarize assessment results from students and complete other reports after the program
    - Follow up the student's plan
    - Update customer information
    - And other procedures until the project is completed

    5.Other tasks
    - Build good relationships with customers and partners.
    - Finding new trainers and consultants for the company, coordinating with lecturers to develop new training programs and consulting services for the company.
    - Support other tasks within the scope of their responsibilities such as consulting and team building activities…
    - Support other tasks required by the company

    【Company/Job Attraction】
    - In addition to the 13th month salary bonus, there is also have bonus at the end of the financial year in April (1-2 months salary)
    - Opportunities to improve foreign language skills
    - Have training system to become a professional consultant.
    - Friendly work environment and an open working environment.

Trình độ

  • Yêu cầu

    - Graduated from College with major related to business
    - Good communication in Japanese (N1 JLPT) - writing skill
    - Able to communicate in basic English (having Toeic or ielts degrees/certificates is an advantage)
    - 1~3 years experience in assistant, translator/interpreter positions

    - Good at Reporting-Communication-Discussion skills
    - Proficient in Office skills (Excel, Word, Power Point)
    - Skilled in time management and work planning

  • Tiếng Anh

    Intermediate Level

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Thông tin bổ sung

  • Phúc lợi

    - 13th month salary bonus and financial year end bonus (April)
    - social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, health check and annual company trip
    - Participate in courses organized by the company. Trained and improved working skills such as communication skills, time management skills, planning skills.
    - There are many opportunities to improve foreign languages: English and Japanese.

  • Giờ làm việc

    8:00 ~ 17:00

  • Ngày nghỉ

    Sat, Sun, National holidays

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