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    【Job Summary】
    - Responsible for developing the external look of a website based on the blueprints.
    - Front-end positions customize Kintone products

    【Job description】
    - Consulting solution for customer to use company’s platform
    - Customizing application based on company’s platform according to customer’s requirements
    - Customizing web application to create plugin for kintone application
    - Integrating company’s system with other cloud services such as AWS, Google Cloud Service & Microsoft Azure
    - Creating client tool, mobile app to access to company’s platform
    - Supporting developers who use company’s products via communities and develop libraries, UI Components, writing developer guides to create & customize application.

    【Company/Job Attraction】
    - Working in an international-standard and professional environment with great chances to learn new skills and gain valuable experience
    - Full benefits package
    - Work from home (up to 5 days per month) for employees working full-time at office
    - Opportunity to apply hybrid/remote working style depending on tasks and team’s need
    - Well-equipped facilities: laptop (Macbook...) & PC with 2 monitors
    - Support for Japanese/English study/exam and skill training
    - Opportunities to go on business trips to Japan and other branches

Trình độ

  • Yêu cầu

    - Graduated from University/College with major in IT
    - More than 2 years experience in Frontend
    - Master of using HTML/CSS/JavaScript
    - Flexibility in using any programming languages
    - Familiarity with Linux development environment
    - Knowledge in (Web application development, API architectures: RESTful, SOAP, Cloud service (AWS/GCP/MS Azure...)
    - Setting up CI/CD
    - Node Package Manager tools such as npm, yarn,...
    - Transpiler and build tool such as babel, webpack,...
    - Ability to read and write specification in English

    - Strong experience in building scalable web applications or cloud services
    - Proficiency in any of real time user experience, media streaming, touch user experience, off-line browsing, the latest web rendering (HTML5) programming skill
    - Other major worldwide cloud services programming experience
    - Not only software designing, but also system and infrastructure architectural designing capability
    - Fluency in listening and speaking English
    - Experience in UI/UX design

  • Tiếng Anh

    Intermediate Level

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  • Phúc lợi

    • Flexibility in working space & time: work from home (5 days per month), flexible
    working time
    • Well-equipped facilities: laptop (Macbook...) & PC with 2 monitors
    • Salary review: twice a year
    • Opportunities to go on business trips to Japan, China, US…
    • Global medical insurance: support 100% for employees and 50% for 2 family members
    • Income compensation insurance
    • Death & disabilities insurance
    • Support for Japanese/English study/exam and skill training
    • Unlimited support for events/parties/club activities
    • Support for team building activities
    • Creative & young working space
    • 2 additional annual leaves issued by company besides ones pursuant to labor law
    • 5 days of refresh holiday after every 5 consecutive working years
    • Fixed bonus: 13th-month salary
    • Other bonus: depends on Cybozu Group’s annual turnovers
    • Annual MVP award and company trip

  • Giờ làm việc

    7 - 9 am ~ 5 - 6 pm

  • Ngày nghỉ

    Sat, Sun & holidays

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