3D Art DirectorID:23279

23,000,000 VND ~ 29,000,000 VNDDist 32 months ago


  • Salary

    23,000,000 VND ~ 29,000,000 VND

  • Industry

    Advertising Agent

  • Job Description

    【Job Summary】
    - Responsible for product 3D assets

    【Job description】
    - Production of 3D Assets used in game development on Unity (Initially the modeling work will be
    is the main focus)
    - Directing the production of 3D Assets used in game development on Unity (Initially the work of creating models
    image will be the main focus)
    - Tools used: Maya、Zbrush、substance painter、Photoshop

    【Company/Job Attraction】
    - Opportunity to learn and improve your skill with international standards.
    - Professional, dynamic working environment
    - Full benefits package


  • Requirement

    < MUST >
    - Graduated from College
    - More than 2 years of experience in producing 3D models and directing 3D model production (guaranteed quality)
    ‐ At least 2 years to manage (manage and train employees),
    ‐ Knowledge and experience related to the 3D graphics production process
    - Love Japanese culture (Cartoons, Comics, Games)
    - Experience participating in meetings with customers (experience participating in meetings related production of 3D Assets)
    ‐ Want to participate in the production of Japanese products

    - Experience in creating technical specifications and 3D production processes in new Game development
    ‐ Experience in creating animations, cutting scenes, etc. (experience in producing storyboards - storyboards or experience in producing V-con - Video Content)
    ‐ Experience working using Unity
    ‐ Japanese equivalent to N2 (communication level, no degree required)
    - Experience in compiling the qualities that customers require in the environment
    game development

  • English Level

    Conversational Level

  • Other Language


Additional Information

  • Benefit

    - Gas allowance, parking fee
    - Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance)
    - Support monthly intimate party fee, consider incentives when bringing results in work
    - Salary review twice a year, support expenses for sports clubs.
    - Congratulations on the wedding, including the company's welcome bonus of $ 500, the birth of a child $ 200/baby
    - Aloha regime gives birth to a child on maternity leave for 6 months, then returns to normal work, children from 6 months to 6 years old will
    Company bonus $180/child to salary.
    - Buy back leave
    - Overtime salary increase according to Labor Law
    - Closed Saturday, Sunday and Japanese holidays (going to work for Vietnamese New Year + 300%)
    - Many exchange and anniversary activities during the year (Sports festival, company birthday party, end party year...)

  • Working Hour

    7:00 ~ 16:00

  • Holiday

    Sat, Sun, National Holiday (according to the Japanese calendar, not on Vietnamese New Year holidays)

  • Job Function