13,000,000 VND ~ 20,000,000 VNDHanoiHơn 3 tháng trước hoặc lâu hơn

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    13,000,000 VND ~ 20,000,000 VND

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    【Job Summary】
    - Responsible for planning, drawing and working with customers

    【Job description】
    - Make design drawings, quantities on Tekla, shopdrawing, Construction methods, fabrication and erection of steel structures, submit to customers and deploy the import of materials, production, transportation, erection, completion.
    - Improve the project and export the test volume, complete the payment and settlement with the customer.
    - Follow up, directly solve design drawing problems with customers, production workshops and transportation, erection and completion of works.
    - Work independently or in conjunction with other technical staff of the Sales and Technical Department; project staff; site engineering.
    - Coordinate project design for steel structure items
    - Check the quality of KCT drawings; Deploy designs from technical design drawings to ensure the project is implemented on schedule and meets quality goals.
    - Prepare project implementation plans.
    - Protect plans, design drawings with investors and customers.
    - Coordinate with relevant departments to solve arising problems before, during and after fabrication and erection.
    - Technical support, drawing alignment, design changes at the request of investors and partners.
    - A number of other jobs and duties as assigned by management.

    【Company/Job Attraction】
    - Good environment to work for a long time
    - Good benefits package for employee with families

Trình độ

  • Yêu cầu

    - Graduated from College with major in Construction, mechanical engineering, architecture, transportation, irrigation, technical infrastructure
    - At least 2 years experience in steel structure engineering
    - Read and understand technical drawings in the field of traffic, civil, industrial and technical infrastructure.
    - Building the technological process for processing, transporting and erecting steel structures.

    - Computer skill: PC and appropriate Software (Word, Excel, Power point, ect.)
    - Attitude: Honesty, frankness, seriousness and firm stance at work.
    - Ability to work under pressure.
    - Flexible handling of situations.
    - Able to work overtime.

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  • Phúc lợi

    - Daily shuttle bus to work
    - Lunch allowance
    - Fully enjoy insurance regimes (health insurance, social insurance, unemployment insurance), vacation,
    Holidays, Tet according to regulations of the Ministry of Labor.
    - Giving gifts on Birthdays, Mid-Autumn Festival, 1/6
    - Welfare fund: visits, sickness, filial piety, joy...
    - Advancement opportunities for dedicated and competent personnel good and wish to stick with the company for a long time.
    - There is a Party cell that annually admits Party members to its employees excellence
    - Other regimes according to the Company's regulations.
    - Pay tuition for children from grade 1 to grade 12 for employees who have worked for 5 years or more at the company

  • Giờ làm việc

    8:00 ~ 17:30

  • Ngày nghỉ

    Sunday, National Holiday

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