Interpreter Staff(Long Duc Industrial Park)ID:22105

14,000,000 VND ~ 16,000,000 VNDDong Nai13 ngày trước

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    14,000,000 VND ~ 16,000,000 VND

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    - Job Summary
     You will be in charge of interpreter and accounting support.
    ・We have European company client in Thai. We need English interpreter.
    ・We cooperate outsourcing company for accounting.
    ・This position will provide administrative support to the Director.

    - Job description(details)
    Our client is mostly big company.
    ・Interpret at meetings with main client
    ・Interpreter English to Japanese, Japanese to English
    ・Translate the documents
    ・Do accounting task
    ・Talk with outsourcing company about accounting
    ・Preparing the documents, Excel
    ・Other task will be assigned by Japanese manager

    - Attractive points
    ・The small size of the organization allows us to perform a wide range of tasks.
    ・The Japanese director and factory manager are kind and serious.
    ・Able to do business with large overseas companies.
    ・This job description allows you to use both Japanese and English.

    - Organization
    ・Our company:16
    ・General Director
    ・Factory Manager
    ・Customs clearance: 1
    ・Admin: 1
    ・Engineer: 2
    ・Worker: 9

    - Report Line
    ・General Director&Factory Manager

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  • Yêu cầu

    - Must
    ・English: Upper Intermediate level (MTG with foreign clients)
    ・Japanese: N3-Intermediate to have internal communication
    ・PC Skills: Ability to use Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook)

    - Prefer
    ・JLPT: N1 or N2 certification.
    ・Having studied abroad or worked in Japan
    ・working with English and Japanese
    ・Admin experience of manufacturing
    ・Having knowledge of accounting and finance
    ・Having experience of recruiting as a human resources representative

  • Tiếng Anh

    Upper-Intermediate Level

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