Webinar: Navigating Careers in Southeast Asia and Vietnam

GeneralMarch 27, 2024 09:00

[Reeracoen Vietnam x Shift Asia] Webinar: Navigating Careers in Southeast Asia and Vietnam

Event Overview:

In recent years, there has been a notable rise in individuals opting to work abroad or seek new job opportunities overseas. 
In detail, Vietnam has had a large foreign workforce for many continuous years. As of September 2023, there were 132,381 foreign workers working in Vietnam, an increase of about 33% compared to 2022. 

Not only Vietnam but Southeast Asia also stands out as one of the most preferred destinations due to its proximity to Japan, favorable living conditions, and appropriate living standards.

Recognizing this trend, SHIFT ASIA and Reeracoen Vietnam, a prominent recruitment agency, present an enlightening event with the topic "Insider Insights: Navigating Careers in Southeast Asia and Vietnam."

This online webinar aims to provide invaluable insights for those contemplating a career move to Southeast Asia or Vietnam. Our main goal is to furnish attendees with valuable insights that can only be gained through this webinar, which features real experience and a multi-dimensional perspective from an experienced recruiter. 

Whether you're contemplating a move abroad, seeking fundamental information about Vietnam and daily life, or aiming to understand the evolving dynamics of overseas employment, we endeavor to deliver information that will prove both meaningful and practical.

Reeracoen Vietnam will kick off the webinar by offering essential insights into the region's culture, lifestyle, and work environment, especially Vietnam. Drawing from their expertise as an experienced recruitment agency, they will delve into the unique characteristics and emerging trends in the human resource landscape of both Southeast Asia and Vietnam. Participants can expect insightful discussions on the necessary preparations for venturing into overseas employment.

To clarify this topic further, we will continue with some specific topics that interest prospective expatriates, such as Vietnam's working style and standards of living. 

With real experience, members of SHIFT ASIA who have successfully transitioned into roles in Vietnam will share their firsthand tips and reflections.

Join us as we unravel the intricacies of pursuing a career in Southeast Asia and explore the nuances of international employment trends.

DATE: 4th April, 2024 (Thursday)

TIME: 1 - 2 PM (Vietnam Time)

Agenda for the day

  • Basic information and lifestyle insights about Southeast Asia and Vietnam

  • Vietnam's industrial structure and growth rate

  • Visa and various documents required for foreign employment in Vietnam

  • Demography of expats in Southeast Asia and Vietnam

  • Specific discussions: Ease of workplace, standard of living in Vietnam, etc.

Who will be the speaker? 

Masato Sekine

Branch Manager of Reeracoen Vietnam

Mr. Sekine excels in connecting companies with top-tier talent. With a wealth of experience and dedication, Sekine navigates challenges with resilience to reduce turnover rates. His outstanding performance and dedication earned him widespread recognition to be promoted to manage Reeracoen Vietnam. Undeniably, his passion and leadership skills improve inclusivity and drive organizational success. 

Ryuto Suzuki

Director of Quality Assurance Department, SHIFT ASIA CO., LTD.

After gaining experience in the development, implementation, operation and maintenance of medical accounting systems, joined SHIFT Co., Ltd. in 2015 and worked as a test PM and test consultant. He has been involved in promoting SHIFT ASIA since 2020, and has been fully involved in SHIFT ASIA since 2023.
He has been in charge of a wide range of roles including sales and test project managers.


Project Facilitator, SHIFT ASIA CO., LTD.

After graduating from a university in the United States, I was in charge of IT support work at a local Japanese IT consulting company for two years.
After returning to Japan, he joined a foreign online mail order company and worked in program management in the inventory management, operation, and payment areas of e-commerce sites for about 15 years, before joining SHIFT ASIA.


Development Department Project Facilitator, SHIFT ASIA CO., LTD.

After working in branding and content production at a Japanese manufacturer for about 4 years, I moved to India and worked at a Japanese advertising agency where I worked on branding, content production, and project management for clients. Responsible for a wide range of matters.
After joining SHIFT ASIA, he promoted his work as a project facilitator/web director.


Business Development Division Sales, SHIFT ASIA CO., LTD.

After graduating from university, worked at a machinery trading company for about 5 years, targeting the healthcare industry.
After that, he moved to Vietnam and joined a Japanese IT company, where he worked in system sales targeting Japanese companies for about two years, before joining SHIFT ASIA. 
At SHIFT ASIA, his sales activities are mainly targeting the Japanese market.

How to register for this webinar?

📝 Don't miss out on this webinar to gain valuable insights by registering here: https://shiftasia.com/ja/event/webinar-jp-13/