BSE cum PM (Dist 1 / JLPT N2 up)ID:16289

40,000,000 USD ~ 58,000,000 USDDist 1
  • Hạng mục công việc


  • Ngành

    IT - Software/Information Processing

  • Mô tả công việc

    Projects from Japan Headquarters
    <ODC development>
    - BrSE Japanese client and Vietnamese software development team
    - Hearing from Japanese client's requirement
    - Communicate with Project development team in Vietnam
    - Check and find problem about a project and report to a Japanese client.
    - Corporate with Japanese client to solve the problem.
    - System analysis
    - Basic design
    - Detailed design
    - Other tasks as assigned by Manager

  • Yêu cầu

    - Male or Female, age 30-35 years old
    - Japanese skill : N2 intermediate or above
    (communicate with Japanese client and understand technical documents in Japanese)
    - PM and Developing experience in an Agile team (understand UX)
    - Have skill of Front-end & Back-end
    - Have experience to develop an application from Zero
    - Development of web service experience more than 3 years

    - Cording skills 2 from: Python、PHP、ES6、TS、Ruby etc
    - Framework: Rails、Django、Larabel (MVC、ORMapper)
    - Developing exprience of REST API

    <2nd Want>
    - Can explain the strength and weakness of Agile
    - Can explain each responsibility and tasks of OM, Engineer, Tester in an Agile team
    - Understand of issue, user-story in Agile
    - Have experience of web service or Github
    - Developing experience with AWS
    - Developing CSR application experience with npm, webpack、gulp(Vue, React etc)
    - Using experience DB except for SQL (MongoDB、DynamoDB、Redis、Elasticsearch etc)
    - Understand DDD architecture
    - Understand GraphQL

  • Tiếng Anh

    Doesn’t matter

  • Ngôn ngữ khác


  • Giờ làm việc

    8:00 ~ 17:00

  • Ngày nghỉ

    - Sunday
    - Saturday
    - National holidays
    - Summer vacation(5 days)

  • Phúc lợi

    - Special Bonus(not only Teto Bonus, will be 0.5-2.0 month bonus)
    (due to the results of the project from next year)
    - 17-day paid vacation
    (including five consecutive summer holidays)
    - If annual paid holidays remain (labor: 12 days),
    return by cash by the next year's deadline
    - Self training time from 14:30 every Friday
    (they can do what they want, for example Sports club, Japanese class etc)

    - Special health insurance( 2.5 ~ 3.5 million per year, depends on position)
    - Special health insurance to family
    ( 4 years experience→1 family is is approved,
    6 years experience→2 family is approved)
    - Family Day(Holiday)
    - The subsidy system of $ 300-1000 per year to improve the skills (application required, more than leader class)
    - Evaluation system twice a year
    - Company travel twice a year:
    close place (ex, Vung Tau, Phan Thiet),
    distant place (ex, Da nang, overseas)
    - Training system to master the skills to become manager(OJT etc..)