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[Senior (2 - 5 years)] Job search list

Conditions in searching
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Planning and purchasing staff (Amata) ID:11557

Job Description - Nghiệp vụ kế hoạch sản xuất: Theo dõi đơn hàng từ Khách hàng, lập và theo dõi tiến độ sản xuất, lập danh mục xuất hàng.
- Nghiệp vụ điều phối: mua hàng và đánh giá nhà cung cấp, kiểm soát hàng gia công bên ngoài.
- Nghiệp vụ khác: quản lý kho, thực hiện ISO và 5S của phòng…
- Cấp trên trực tiếp: Trưởng phòng điều phối, Phó ban quản lý sản xuất.
Required Qualifications - Nữ từ 28 đến 33 tuổi, tốt nghiệp Trung cấp trở lên
- Người có kinh nghiệm ít nhất 1 năm về mua hàng nước ngoài, hoặc kinh nghiệm về lập kế hoạch sản xuất trong nhà máy sản xuất của Nhật Bản.
- Thành thạo vi tính văn phòng.
- Tiếng Nhật lưu loát 4 kỹ năng: nghe, nói, đọc, viết.
- Chịu được áp lực công việc, nhiệt tình, sức khỏe tốt.
Salary Monthly Salary 9,000,000VND 〜 10,000,000VND
Location Dong Nai

sales(Long An) ID:11671

Job Description Explore new business opportunities by approaching potential clients through different channels to achieve sales target
Finally develop and implement digital marketing strategies and direct the execution
Retain existing clients and build long-term customer relationship
Closely communicate and coordinate with team members and all business partners to ensure smooth operation and service deliveries
Support to Japanese staffs when they visit to Japanese company
Creating quotes
Creating work instructions
Business visit by your vehicle
Required Qualifications <MUST>
Sales experience

House is close to company
Excel operation
sales experience
Experience in the paper industry
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000VND 〜 6,000,000VND
Location Long An

Factory manager ID:11687

Job Description The most expected job is to instruct other staffs.

Plan, organize, direct and run optimum day-to-day operations to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Increase production, assets capacity and flexibility while minimizing unnecessary costs and maintaining current quality standards.

Be responsible for production output, product quality and on-time shipping.

Allocate resources effectively and fully utilize assets to produce optimal results.

Implement strategies in alignment with strategic initiatives and provide a clear sense of direction and focus.

Share a trusting relationship with workgroup and recruit, manage and develop plant staff.

Collect and analyze data to find places of waste or overtime.

Commit to plant safety procedures.

Develop systems and processes that track and optimize productivity and standards, metrics and performance targets to ensure effective return on assets.

Address employees’ issues or grievances and administer collective bargaining agreements.

Influence and learn from below.

Stay up to date with latest production management best practices and concepts.
Required Qualifications Manager class (team leader class) - more than 10 years experience in the sewing industry
Sub manager class (line leader class) - 5 years or more experience in the sewing industry
Experienced people - 1-2 years experience in the sewing industry

Tutoring experience
A diligent personality

※ English and Japanese are not necessary
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000VND 〜 10,000,000VND
Location Long An

PHP team leder(DIST 1, urgent) ID:11737

Job Description Construction and development of global e-commerce project
Development environment is Web and Mobile, other domain, multilingual, Big data.
Development management of FullStack from upstream process by Japanese standards.
Manage and train development members.
Furthermore, skill up and standardize to in-house developers.
Comment and build together on in-house culture and strategy

Projects from Japan Headquarters
ODC development
Required Qualifications <MUST>
Experience in case management, system analysis and design
PHP development experience (more than 4 years)
Experience in leader of team consisting of 2-4 people (more than 1 year)
A deep understanding of the PHP framework
→ Lavarel (must), OpenCart, ECCube (want)

Html / HTML5, CSS / CSS 3, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax Experience
MySQL and Linux server experience
Apache server, Database MySQL, Linux server, Network and Security Knowledgeable

Good at leadership
Salary Monthly Salary 27,000,000VND 〜 34,000,000VND

Senior PHP Engineer ID:11730

Job Description Construction and development of global e-commerce project
Full stack implementation from requirement definition to release
(According to Japanese process and quality standards)
Propose and carry out a good idea that is reasonable and effective to improve the product
Development environment is Web and Mobile, other domain, multilingual, Big data

Projects from Japan Headquarters
ODC development
Required Qualifications <Special requirement!><only now>
We can introduce junior level candidate
- who has experience as PHP engineer more than 1 year
- who has experience making framework of MySQL and Lavarel more than 1 year
※development project's scale should be more than 10 people

System analysis and design experience
PHP development experience (over 2 years)
A deep understanding of the PHP framework
→ Lavarel (must), OpenCart, ECCube (want)

Html / HTML5, CSS / CSS 3, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax Experience
MySQL and Linux server experience
Salary Monthly Salary 17,000,000VND 〜 23,000,000VND

sales(Japanese speaker and English speaker) ID:11704

Job Description Translation, interpreting
Accompany with boss or manager to visit customers and supplier
Business talk with local Vietnamese people (to increase the number of suppliers)

<For Japanese speaker>
Tell the requests to suppliers from head office in Japan
Business accompanying to Japan
Japanese customers' attendance

<For English speaker>
Attendance of overseas customers
Required Qualifications <MUST>
Male only
Must graduate Fisheries University or Agricultural University.
Firstly, Japanese speaker (N2-3 level)
Secondly, English speaker(business level)(more than upper intermediate)

Sales experience(2-3 years)
Can use excel,word,power point

<better >
Have experience in food industry

Can speak Japanese and English with business level, and have sales experience
→salary will be increase

<Preferred Character>
bright personality
have guts
Salary Monthly Salary 11,000,000VND 〜 13,000,000VND

Mechanical Maintenance Engineer ID:11784

Job Description [Job Duties]
planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance
responding to breakdowns
diagnosing faults
repairing equipment
supervising engineering and technical staff
obtaining specialist components, fixtures or fittings
managing budgets
maintaining statistical and financial records
ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation
creating maintenance procedures
managing stocks of supplies and equipment.

Transportation should be candidates' motorbike.
Required Qualifications <Target 1>
- Fresh Graduate is welcome!
- Certificate: Bachelor's degree in mechanical(construction machine fields)

<Target 2>
- Experience: At least 3 years experience in repairing construction machines
- Certificate: Bachelor's degree in mechanical(construction machine fields)
- Gender: Female/Male; 25 - 35 years old
- Languages: Excellent in English at listening, speaking, reading and writing is compulsory.
- Live near work location & Can go on site by motorbike
- Other Requirements: Strong in English communication, open minded characteristic. Prefer the candidates who have construction involved experience.
Salary Monthly Salary 7,000,000VND 〜 8,000,000VND


Job Description - Develop and execute health and safety plans in the workplace according to legal guidelines.
- Evaluate practices, procedures and facilities to assess risk and adherence to the law.
- Conduct training and presentation for health and safety matters and accident prevention
- Monitor compliance to policies and laws by inspecting operations
- Inspect equipment and machinery to observe possible unsafe conditions
- Investigate accidents or incidents to discover causes
- Recommend solutions to issues, improvement opportunities and prevention measures
- Report on health and safety awareness, issues, and statistics
Required Qualifications - College or University degree in safety management or relevant field is preferred
- At least 3 years working experience with the HSE field
- Experience in Japanese companies is an advantage
- Procen experience as safety leader
- Familiar and understanding of legal health and safety guidelines
- Good knowledge of data analysis and risk assessment
- Outstanding arrention to detail and observation ability
- Good communication and interpersonal abilities
- Good English skill and Microsoft Office using
- Valid qualification in occupational health and safety
- Willing to work away from home when assigned
Salary Monthly Salary 14,000,000VND 〜 18,000,000VND
Location Ha Noi

Assistant Relationship Manager(in Dist 1) ID:10260

Job Description - Support of marketing team to implement customer information to know your customer (KYC) profile.
- The KYC's management process is the forefront of money laundering prevention.
- Collect data from multiple internal and external sources (client files such as passports, electronic files etc) and complete the KYC profile.
- Review documents on the integrity and accuracy of KYC data.
- Prepare Credit Application / Credit Rating / Self Assessment from the assigned customer's account statement.
‐ At first, it is main task to enter data
- Loan-related review and document preparation
- Manage customer's day-to-day transactions according to internal policies and local regulations.
- Monitor and update processing procedures.
Required Qualifications <MUST>
- more than 1 year in foreign bank.
- English : Can use English for company communication(meeting, email, documents)
-Background in banking industry is preferred.
-Communication skills; detail-oriented with strong analytical skills;
-Ability to work independently and in team environment; strong integrity;
-Ability to enforce standards/policies while balancing business needs.
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000,000VND 〜 22,700,000VND

Document Staff (Grain Dept.) ID:11141

Job Description 1/ Daily exchange/ communicate with VN Team and Singapore Team
2/ For CNF trade, following up contracts, checking LCs, handling shipping docs, collecting payment from customers on
3/ For local trade, issue contract, follow up documentation/ executions and cargo delivery
4/ Input accounting data for Feed Grain Department by using SAP system.
5/ Input the handling commission between our Feed Grain Dept with other offices.
6/ Support sale activities, both CNF and Principal business.
Required Qualifications *Must have:
- Education: University of Foreign Trade, University of Economics
- Gender: Female
- Good appearance
- Good communicate in English
- Smart, careful, detailed, strict, high responsibility sense
Salary Monthly Salary 11,000,000VND 〜 14,000,000VND

【2年置き駐在切り替え制度有り】アジア経済情報誌法人営業 ID:11968

Job Description 【2年置き駐在切り替え制度有り】大手「共同通信」のグループ会社!アジア最大の経済情報誌法人営業の仕事になります!

Required Qualifications ・男女不問!

Salary Monthly Salary 1,500USD 〜 2,000USD

【英語力不問*Skype面談OK】日本人採用担当者 ID:11967

Job Description 【英語力不問*Skype面談OK】業務拡大につき営業職を募集!!東南アジア1のIT大国で働く!
- ソフトウェアの品質確認(テスト)
- プロジェクト管理
- ベトナム人メンバーのマネジメント
- 日本本社や顧客との連絡
Required Qualifications -年齢:22歳~40歳(長期雇用によるキャリア形成のため)
- IT業界に興味がある
- ITエンジニアとして経験がある
- ベトナムに興味がある
Salary Monthly Salary 1,500USD 〜 2,300USD

建設設計のエンジニア【経験を活かせる】募集!! ID:10266

Job Description -日本からの受注案件の対応(電話)
Required Qualifications 年齢:27-50歳(長期雇用によるキャリア形成のため)
性別 : 不問
学歴 : 大学
経験 : 3年程の建設設計経験
その他 : マネジメントに自信のある方望ましい
Salary Monthly Salary 2,000USD 〜 2,500USD

Head of Video Production ID:11647

Job Description As Head of Video Production you will be responsible for our video creation process. These responsibilities include:
- Deciding subject matter, communication, and content.
- Most importantly, you will be responsible for the business oriented KPIs of all video content (i.e. , increasing sales and increasing the number of our browser's installs)
- Ultimately, this is role of a producer and director at the same time.
- Our immediate goal is to double the number of users and make at least one quality video per week.

Required Qualifications - Firm understanding of how to create clear and engaging video information.
- Proficient in video production processes and methods to optimize effectiveness.
- A deep understanding of channels for promoting video content; how these work and how to make content reach millions of people.
- Creative ability to explain our key products
- A genuine interest in internet industry and willingness to become a part of our big family.
- Good English language skills.
Salary Monthly Salary 1,000USD 〜 2,000USD

Senior Digital Marketing ID:11646

Job Description • Manage online and offline marketing campaigns to achieve business oriented KPI's.
• Develop and manage marketing strategies, budgets and plans.
• Work with KOLs.
• Manage your content creation team.
• Conduct user behavior and market research.
Required Qualifications • Deep understanding about Google Adwords and FB ads tools (managing accounts starting from $2-3k per month).
• Experience in sales of online advertising.
• Experience in large or medium scale advertising purchases from local advertising platforms (online and offline).
• Good English language skills.
Salary Monthly Salary 1,000USD 〜 2,000USD

Sales Deputy Manager ID:11628

Job Description - Approach new clients and organize client visits
- Build long-term relationship with existing clients
- Provide product education and advice
- Ensure that sales targets are met
- Support Sales Manager with staff training and management
Required Qualifications - At least 03 year of work experience in similar position
- Japanese at least N3 and good conversational English
- High responsibility and good planning skill
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000,000VND 〜 24,000,000VND

Trợ lý giám sát sản xuất ID:11625

Job Description - Support supervisor to control production process
- Control about 50-100 operators to maintain production schedule
- Control product quality
- Join safety and 5S activity
- Knowledge about ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Required Qualifications - At least 03 year relevant working experience
- Proficient in Microsoft Office applications
- Proficient in Japanese (at least N3)
- Solve the work quickly, accurately
- Knowledge about ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Salary Monthly Salary 9,000,000VND 〜 14,000,000VND

Transportation Safety Assistant Manager ID:11558

Job Description 1, Supervise the transportation operation to make sure the safety in the process, in which you will:
+ Build training documents and Operate training course about traffic safety, safety driving, safety regulation (please don't bother to apply if you are not able to do this.)
+ Supervisor implement safety regulations in transportation and logistics operation;
+ Build process and standard for works in Transportation Team;
+ Directly implement or co-operate with other divisions to investigate and handle issues, violates of drivers, contractor, sub-contractor

2, Be in charge of human management, in which you will:
+ Control human of transportation division;
+ Recruit and train for new staff, evaluate and retrain to improve skill for staffs in transportation division;
+ Monthly evaluate safety for all of drivers in Transportation division;

3, Be in charge of cost management, in which you will:
+ Summary cost, damages related with all of accidents

Work location: Hai Phong or Bac Ninh, depending on candidates' choice. There is transportation support from Hanoi to work location.

Required Qualifications 1, Education: Bachelor of Transportation, Safety or Law
2, Experience:
+ At least 3 years working in making training schedule, training plan and other training courses (this is a must).
+ At least 3 years working in same position;
+ Have working experience in logistics company is an advantage.

3, Skills:
+ Making training plan skill;
+ Leadership Skill;
+ Time Management Skill;
+ Problem Solving Skill;
+ Good at communicating English;
+ Good at using MS Office, MS Outlook.

Salary Monthly Salary 15,000,000VND 〜 21,000,000VND
Location Hai Phong

Machining engineer(Hai Phong) ID:11525

Job Description - Process improvement
- Maintaining the equipment
- Drill a hole in metal

their Products ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
- Autonomous Decentralized Processing System
- Driver / Controller
- Atmospheric wafer transfer robot (unit)
- Vacuum Wafer Transfer Robot (Unit)
- Wafer transfer device (system)
- Glass substrate transport apparatus (system)
- Automatic cell culture device (incubator)
Required Qualifications - Know how to use CNC
- Major- related with this industry
- English
Salary Monthly Salary 600USD 〜 1,200USD
Location Hai Phong

Magnet engineer(Hai Phong) ID:11524

Job Description - Manufacture and design of magnet parts for robots
- Work with Japanese
- Other Job assigned from Manager

their Products ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
- Autonomous Decentralized Processing System
- Driver / Controller
- Atmospheric wafer transfer robot (unit)
- Vacuum Wafer Transfer Robot (Unit)
- Wafer transfer device (system)
- Glass substrate transport apparatus (system)
- Automatic cell culture device (incubator)
Required Qualifications - Major-engineering department(science or chemistry department OK)
- can do experiments in physics and chemistry
- Japanese N2
Salary Monthly Salary 600USD 〜 1,200USD
Location Hai Phong

All464 (1〜20 )