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[Real Estate] Job search list

Conditions in searching
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Operation Manager(N2) ID:12315

Job Description Responsibility;
They will establish new company in Hanoi.
This position is representative of Vietnam office

Support to establish new company
Manage Vietnamese staffs
Work close with Japanese HQ
Report dairy tasks to Japanese HQ
Work with accounting firm about accounting tasks
General HR and admin tasks
Other tasks assigned by HQ
Required Qualifications <Must>
At least N2 level Japanese skill
At least 2 years of management experiences
Work experience in Japanese company
Willing to work start up company
Willing to wide range work

Knowledge of Accounting, HR, GA, Architecture(Wooden building)
Salary Monthly Salary 1,200VND 〜 2,500VND
Location Ha Noi

Design Engineer ID:12316

Job Description Design plan for wooden house using Japanese CAD software
Consider cost, effectiveness and safety of new designs
Modify and test designs
Work with Japanese team
Required Qualifications <Must>
Language: At least N3 level Japanese skill
Experience: At least 1 year of work experiences as design engineer
Skill: Can design a plan for a building to get approval from government
Knowing construction method about Wooden shaft set or Housing design experience
Understanding building regulations
Other: Willing to work start up company

Used to use "ARCHITREND ZERO"(CAD soft)
Salary Monthly Salary 12,000,000VND 〜 17,000,000VND
Location Ha Noi

Quản Lý Tòa Nhà (Thuận An - Bình Dương) ID:12283

Job Description - Receive and handle/ solve the residents’ matter;
- Plan and maintenance utilities associated with the building;
- Quality management of contractors providing sanitation, security and other services for the building;
- Manage and supervise the activities at building ;
- Plan to take care of building resident’s life;
- Contact local authority for assistance when needed;
- Control expenses reasonably and ensure proper operation of the building;
- Maintenance management of buildings, and all other equipment and assets associated with the building;
- Manage building staff (Admin staff – Cashier, Technician, Cleaner, Security guard…)
- Prepare revenue and expenditure plans and report the monthly / quarterly operating costs of the building;
- Other tasks assigned related
Required Qualifications * Must have:
- Education: Graduate from Electrical/ Mechanical major, Business Administration, Building Management or other related major.
- Possess Building Management certificate.
- Experience: Have at least 03 year experience at the same position.
- Language: Can communicate in English
Salary Monthly Salary 14,000,000VND 〜 16,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

Senior Legal Manager (Phu Nhuan Dist.) ID:11494

Job Description * Job Scope(s):
- Improving the quality of legal consultancy and document drafting by establishing form, processes; researching, evaluating,and re‐designing processes; establishing and discussing new laws and guideline of government; and analyzing results and implementing changes.
- Determining legal consultancy supported requirements of BOD and other departments; researching real estate project’s status on the market; analyzing information of projects.
- Developing legal operation by training courses; closely contacting with law firms; performing processes and provisions of law to staffs of departments.
- Seeking and solving customers' complicated problems which may be been passed from customer service departments.
- Guiding staffs to keep documents of project and companies.
- Analyzing project data to determine the way of deploying projects and consult for Board of Directors.
- Writing reports of the legal schedule.
- Establishing procedures to coordinate with project management unit.
- Meeting with other managers to discuss possible improvements to the operation of legal department
- Training legal staff and other department staff to ensure company operating in accordance with provisions of law.
- Leading or supervising a team of legal staff.
- Coordinating with other departments to plan and implement customer related programs.
- Drafting contract, agreement and other document to support other departments.
- Helping to build good government relations.
- Setting up the apartment sales and purchase processes with customers.
- Consulting legal issues to BOD in all aspects of business operation.

* Report to: Board of Management (Vietnamese & Foreigners)
* Team management: 8 members
Required Qualifications * Must have:
- Bachelor degree/Master in Law major
- At least10 year experiences at the same position
- Experienced in Real Estate investor companies, understand every related from the beginning to the end of a real estate project.
- Good at English communication.
- Ability to work both independently and in team under high pressure.
- Patience, carefulness, details‐oriented, accuracy, capacity with high quality
- Responsible, trustworthy, Self‐motivated.
- Good at leadership skill, research skill, analytical skills, and logical thinking.
Salary Monthly Salary 40,000,000USD 〜 60,000,000USD
Location Phu Nhuan

Sales Staff (THU DAU MOT CITY)【Business Planning】 ID:12166

Job Description -Planning and implementation of measures to increase added value of Binh Duong new city in Binh Duong Province
(Response to transportation, communication ICT, medical, education, entertainment, enterprise attraction etc.)
Required Qualifications <MUST>
・English(more than intermediate level)
・live near the company
・less than 30 years old
・degree of bachelor

✔ nex graduate is okay

・English(business level)
・23-24 years old
・sales experience (in Japanese company is more preferable)
・plannning experience (in Japanese company is more preferable)
・PC skill ( Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
Salary Monthly Salary 11,000,000VND 〜 18,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

Marketing Expert (Binh Duong) 【Housing】  ID:10464

Job Description -General attracting strategies for housing projects
-Housing market survey (price, target, product)
-Advertisement business proposal of housing project, cost adjustment, medium effect analys
Required Qualifications Age : 25-35 years old
Gender : Does not Matter
Skill: Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Language : English has to be conversation level
Education : University
Experience : At least 2 years attraction strategies and market research work at real estate companies
Other : Living in the Binh Doung is preferred
Salary Monthly Salary 5,500,000VND 〜 7,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

Property Manager (Binh Duong)【Managing】 ID:10469

Job Description -Operation as a person in charge of the operation of SORA gardens (luxury apartment)
-Planning and execution of management plan of condominium (balance control, repair plan etc.)
-Measures to improve the value of properties of SORA gardens · Implementation
Required Qualifications Age : 35-40 years old
Gender : Does not Matter
Skill: Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Language : English has to be very good
Education : University
Experience : Over 5 years of experience in Property management work at a luxury condominium
Salary Monthly Salary 1,000USD 〜 1,500USD
Location Binh Duong

Marketing Staff(Binh Duong) 【Residence】 ID:10524

Job Description -Support to make general attracting strategies for housing projects
-Housing market survey (price, target, product)
-Make advertisement business proposal of housing project,
-Cost adjustment for advertisement
-Analysis effects for advertising medias
Required Qualifications Age : 23-35 years old
Gender : Does not Matter
Skill: Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Language : English has to be business level
Education : University
Experience : At least 2 years attract customers strategies and market research work in real estate industry
Other : Living in the Binh Doung is preferred
Salary Monthly Salary 300USD 〜 500USD
Location Binh Duong

Product Planning Creative Staff 【Residence】 ID:10525

Job Description -Design and creation of residential marketing/sales tools
-Product planning of residential project, price setting etc.
Required Qualifications Age : 21-30 years old
Gender : Does not Matter
Skill: Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Language : English has to be business level
Education : University
Experience : At least 1 experience in marketing in real estate industry
Other : Living in the Binh Doung is preferred
Salary Monthly Salary 250USD 〜 300USD
Location Binh Duong

General Affairs Senior staff ID:11231

Job Description -General affairs in general
-Legal case
-Administrative negotiation
-Interpreter( Japanses ⇔Vietnamese)
Required Qualifications English : Upper-Intermediate Level
N2~N3 N1 will be advantagerous
have experience on general affairs department
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000,000VND 〜 15,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

Marketing Expert(residence) ID:10712

Job Description -has more than two years experience on attracting customers stratege, market research in real estate company.
-speak English fluently
Required Qualifications -has more than two years experience on attracting customers stratege, market research in real estate company.
-speak English fluently
Salary Monthly Salary 12,000,000VND 〜 12,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

Construction Team Manager (Viec lam tieng Nhat) ID:10713

Job Description -Business planning management
-construction team management
-Japanese boss supporting (making report to Tokyo headquarter)
Required Qualifications -has experience on Japanese design company, Japanese construction company, developer.
-speak English fluently
-upper N2
Salary Monthly Salary 2,000USD 〜 3,000USD
Location Binh Duong

Service apart Assistant ID:11120

Job Description -Check the business invoice as the operator of the Japanese
-affiliated service apartment, check the payment status, check the status of the room, control the work that responds to the customer's request by other staffs prepare the balance sheet report, manage the move-out
Required Qualifications -Japanese: conversation level (level where you can communicate easily with customers)
-Experience in Japanese-style servic apartment, experience with hotel management etc.will be advantageous.
Salary Monthly Salary 12,000,000VND 〜 22,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

Technical superviser ID:11122

Job Description <Real estate development business> Maintenance plan of building in real estate development, planning repair plan <Real estate management business> · Maintenance work of building facilities (electric relation, water supply / drainage relation, air conditioning relation, etc.)
Required Qualifications · Person who planned and executed maintenance plan of building facility in real estate development
· Person who stayed in condominium (condominium) in Vietnam and experienced equipment maintenance
· those who experienced the above-mentioned work for 5 to 10 years
Salary Monthly Salary 16,000,000VND 〜 30,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

Sales staff ID:10718

Job Description Sales activities to Vietnamese company, individual customer
Required Qualifications -Have experience of real estate sales
-English- Basic level
-living in Binh Duong province or have long time working in Binh Duong
-Have wide network & relationship in Binh Duong province
Salary Monthly Salary 700USD 〜 700USD
Location Binh Duong

Product planning creative staff (Residence) ID:10719

Job Description -housing marketing
-Designing and creating sales tools
-Planning of housing project, setting sales price etc...
Required Qualifications -Have more than one year working experience
-speak English fluently
Salary Monthly Salary 5,500,000VND 〜 6,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

Construction supervisor ID:10646

Job Description -Manage Construction Teams
-Adhere to Safety and Building Practices and Codes
-Create Project Plans and Reports
Required Qualifications -Has more than 5 yrears experience
-Using organizational skills to build successful teams for completion of project tasks
-Understanding building codes, safety guidelines and regulations addressing construction projects
-Supervising construction crews
-Addressing safety and other worksite concerns and issues with laborers and foremen
-Understanding how construction equipment works for inspection, operation and maintenance of this equipment
-Negotiating contracts with vendors, contractors and sub-contractors
-Advanced Knowledge of construction trades
Salary Monthly Salary 2,000USD 〜 2,200USD
Location Binh Duong

Architect Staff (Binh Duong) ID:10027

Job Description -Direct and manage partner design company about design
(designing of concept, basic and, details/Making government application forms)
-Cope with changing design during the construction
-Proceed government council
Required Qualifications Age : 27-40 year old
Gender : Does not Matter
Skills : Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Language : English has to be proficient
Education : University (Architect Degree)
Experience : At least 5 years of work experience as an Architect Designer in design or construction industry/ At least 3 years of management experience is necessary
Other : Foreign-affiliated company, developers (real estate development company) somewhat similar work experience is preferred
Salary Monthly Salary 1,000USD 〜 1,500USD
Location Binh Duong

Tenant-Leasing (Sales) (Viec lam tieng Nhat) ID:10711

Job Description 1. Tenant-Leasing of Commercial Facilities(Sales)
-In charge of all flow about talent-leasing(Sales, Show the tenant, Make documents, Conclusion of a contract)
2. Marketing, Make concept, Make plan for development of tenant
3. Translation and interpreter from Vietnamese to Japanese , vice and verse
Required Qualifications -Japanese level is N2(Can make documents)
-English level is business level
-Willing to be sales(Tenant-Leasing)
-Preferably have experience in Japanese company as an assistant(Preferably real estate industry)
Salary Monthly Salary 700USD 〜 1,500USD
Location Dist 1

Back-end Web Developer ( Junior/ Fresher) ID:11472

Job Description - Develop new features for back-end, website system.
- Optimize current processing code.
- Work on Mac environments.
- Be trained with new programming language (Python) for those who wish to expand new knowledge and work in a stable environment.
Required Qualifications <Must>
・PHP knowledge, JavaScript knowledge
・New graduate welcome !
・they can learn Python and become specialist in vietnam.

-have Knowledge about PHP HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
-can wirte code that easy to read and understand.
-have deep knowledge in object-oriented programming
-dynamic, willing to learn new thing.
-can use English OR Japanese is a plus (optional)
Salary Monthly Salary 500USD 〜 650USD
Location Dist 1

All28 (1〜20 )