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[N2 level(without N2)] Job search list

Conditions in searching
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Planning and purchasing staff (Amata) ID:11557

Job Description - Nghiệp vụ kế hoạch sản xuất: Theo dõi đơn hàng từ Khách hàng, lập và theo dõi tiến độ sản xuất, lập danh mục xuất hàng.
- Nghiệp vụ điều phối: mua hàng và đánh giá nhà cung cấp, kiểm soát hàng gia công bên ngoài.
- Nghiệp vụ khác: quản lý kho, thực hiện ISO và 5S của phòng…
- Cấp trên trực tiếp: Trưởng phòng điều phối, Phó ban quản lý sản xuất.
Required Qualifications - Nữ từ 28 đến 33 tuổi, tốt nghiệp Trung cấp trở lên
- Người có kinh nghiệm ít nhất 1 năm về mua hàng nước ngoài, hoặc kinh nghiệm về lập kế hoạch sản xuất trong nhà máy sản xuất của Nhật Bản.
- Thành thạo vi tính văn phòng.
- Tiếng Nhật lưu loát 4 kỹ năng: nghe, nói, đọc, viết.
- Chịu được áp lực công việc, nhiệt tình, sức khỏe tốt.
Salary Monthly Salary 9,000,000VND 〜 10,000,000VND
Location Dong Nai

sales(Japanese speaker and English speaker) ID:11704

Job Description Translation, interpreting
Accompany with boss or manager to visit customers and supplier
Business talk with local Vietnamese people (to increase the number of suppliers)

<For Japanese speaker>
Tell the requests to suppliers from head office in Japan
Business accompanying to Japan
Japanese customers' attendance

<For English speaker>
Attendance of overseas customers
Required Qualifications <MUST>
Male only
Must graduate Fisheries University or Agricultural University.
Firstly, Japanese speaker (N2-3 level)
Secondly, English speaker(business level)(more than upper intermediate)

Sales experience(2-3 years)
Can use excel,word,power point

<better >
Have experience in food industry

Can speak Japanese and English with business level, and have sales experience
→salary will be increase

<Preferred Character>
bright personality
have guts
Salary Monthly Salary 11,000,000VND 〜 13,000,000VND

Magnet engineer(Hai Phong) ID:11524

Job Description - Manufacture and design of magnet parts for robots
- Work with Japanese
- Other Job assigned from Manager

their Products ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
- Autonomous Decentralized Processing System
- Driver / Controller
- Atmospheric wafer transfer robot (unit)
- Vacuum Wafer Transfer Robot (Unit)
- Wafer transfer device (system)
- Glass substrate transport apparatus (system)
- Automatic cell culture device (incubator)
Required Qualifications - Major-engineering department(science or chemistry department OK)
- can do experiments in physics and chemistry
- Japanese N2
Salary Monthly Salary 600USD 〜 1,200USD
Location Hai Phong

Japanese Interpreter/ Translator ID:11469

Job Description - Hỗ trợ Trưởng phòng về các công việc soạn thảo văn bản, xếp lịch làm việc, thăm khách hàng…
- Phiên dịch tiếng Nhật trong các cuộc họp
- Phối hợp với các phòng ban
- Lập báo cáo và gửi về cho Giám đốc hoặc bộ phận liên quan khác
- Công việc khác được yêu cầu bởi Giám đốc
Required Qualifications - Khả năng ngôn ngữ: tiếng Nhật trôi chảy (N1/N2)
- Có 02 năm kinh nghiệm làm thư ký hoặc trợ lý
- Giao tiếp và tổ chức tốt
- Thành thạo MS office, outlook ...
- Thái độ làm việc, tổ chức cao
- Có trách nhiệm, chăm chỉ, kiên trì
Salary Monthly Salary 700USD 〜 800USD

Phiên Dịch Viên Tiếng Nhật Bộ Phận QC ID:11751

Job Description - Interprete/ Translate Japanese for QC Team.
- Create reports and submit to senior executives/ directors upon request.
- Assist paperwork, documents to work with other departments if needed.
- Other related jobs will be assigned by manager.
Required Qualifications - Japanese: at least N2 and English: at least conversational level
- At least 1 year work experience in similar position
- Good understanding about import-export and QC actitivies.
- Be able to handle multiple tasks, work under pressure
- Good communication skill and well-organized.
- Proficient in MS Office, outlook, etc…
- High corporate working attitude
- Responsibility, diligence, and patience
Salary Monthly Salary 12,000,000VND 〜 15,000,000VND

Project Assistant (N2) ID:11587

Job Description - Participate in the company's trade fairs, such as the "Manufacturing Trade Fair" (2017), held from 23 ~ 24 February at the Architectural Exhibition, National Planning and Construction, Hanoi) (preparation, organization, transaction, customer contact, etc.)
- Get market information, make reports to customers and superiors.
- Direct transactions, support customers in Vietnam, Japan in the work to connect commercial transactions.
- Other tasks assigned by management.
Required Qualifications - Female; no need work experience.
- Japanese equivalent to N2, ability to speak, write well.
- English is an advantage.
- Graduated in economics, trade is an advantage.
- Ability to computer science (word, excel, ppt), good information search skills.
- Confident to communicate with customers, good pronunciation, good writing.
- Have a sense of responsibility, eager to learn, not afraid to work.
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000,000VND 〜 12,000,000VND
Location Ha Noi

【Skype面談OK!工場全般業務の管理をお任せします!】アパレルクライアント窓口 ID:11298

Job Description 【大手シューズメーカーのメインクライアント窓口業務!工場管理全般の業務をお任せいたします!】

Required Qualifications ・英語力不問!ベトナム語、英語をこれから身につけたい方歓迎!
Salary Monthly Salary 1,500USD 〜 2,200USD
Location Bin Tan

Interpreter(in Quận 10)(Viec lam tieng Nhat) ID:10599

Job Description ●Support 3 Japanese manager
- Attend conferences and meetings and act as official translator to mediate discussion.
- Translate documents from Vietnamese to Japanese
- Go to factories in Tan phu about a week
- Other task related to admin
Required Qualifications <MUST>
- At least 1 year working experience
- N2 level of Japanese: for translating
- Conversational level of English : don't need translate from English to Japanese, but when Japanese and Vietnamese talk in English and they don't understand each other, it's better for interpreter to understand the direction of conversation.
- Who can start working immediately

- As interpreter
Salary Monthly Salary 9,000,000VND 〜 11,000,000VND

Accountant ID:11961

Job Description 1) Cash management
2) Bank transaction
3) Invoice sending & receiving
4) Warehouse report
5) Controlling training contract, probationary contract, labor contract for employee
6) Other tasks
Required Qualifications -
Salary Monthly Salary 12,000,000VND 〜 12,000,000VND

Sales Admin ID:11919

Job Description They have factory in Dong Nai and representative office in HCMC - Dist.1
They need two person work in HCM office and can go business trip in Dong Nai factory
Sales support:
・Make and submit document of request for approval
・Make hand over document
・Translation work
・Arrangement for tender document
・Make sales document
- Report to HQ
. Do some admin task as assigned
Required Qualifications <Must>
- Japanese N2 level
- Have more than 1 year experience in Admin
- Can go to business trip to Dong Nai factory
- Have experience in Sales Support/Admin
- Good looking
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000,000VND 〜 15,000,000VND

Merchandiser(in dist 1) ID:10940

Job Description They export and sell store furniture such as shelf, handrail in Vietnam.
They have 3 employees, 2 Japanese managers(one for sales, one for manufacturing) and Vietnamese sales(30 year-old female)
●Report to Japanese manager
- Get some instructions from head office, and tell their client's factories
- Go to their factories twice or three times a week for instruction
- Monitor stock movement and consider markdowns, promotions, price changes, clear outs etc
- Collaborate with buyers, suppliers, distributors and analysts to negotiate prices, quantities and time-scales
- Manage all expenses by excel
- Make up import-export documents(not difficult)

✔Their client factories is mainly in Dong Nai and Binh Duong
✔Can use taxi to go to the factories
Required Qualifications <MUST>
- (Japanese) N3 level : for communicating with head office and Japanese manager
- (English) Conversational level: for reading some documents and sending email
- More than 3 year working experience(any position is OK)

- working in the same industry
- working in Japanese company

✔New graduate NG
Salary Monthly Salary 13,600,000VND 〜 15,000,000VND

Giám Sát/ Phó Phòng Chất Lương (VSIP1) ID:11083

Job Description - Quản lý nhóm QA
- Quản lý hệ thống ISO 9001, 14001 cho toàn nhà máy
- Đối ứng thẩm tra ISO và thẩm tra chất lượng của khách hàng và Cơ quan ISO.
- Giải quyết khiếu nại khách hàng. Điều tra nguyên nhân, đưa ra đối sách
- Theo dõi khiếu nại khách hàng (khi có phát sinh)
- Hợp tác với phòng Kỹ thuật, Sản xuất... để cải tiến Chất lượng.
- Làm các tài liệu liên quan Môi trường dựa theo tiêu chuẩn Green Partner của khách hàng yêu cầu (ICP,MSPS,AIS,SVHC)
- 7 công cụ QC, 5W report, 8D….
Required Qualifications * Must have:
- Education: Tốt nghiệp từ cao đẳng
- Experience: Có ít nhất 3 năm kinh nghiệm ở vị trí tương đương
- Knowledge: Hiểu biết, quản lý, xây dựng và duy trì hệ thống ISO
- Language: Tiếng Nhật tưong đưong N2, tiếng Anh giao tiếp lưu loát
- Office skills: Thành thạo Microsoft Office
- Kỹ năng thưong lượng, giao tiếp
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000,000VND 〜 25,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

Import & Export Executive(in Bien Hoa) ID:11914

Job Description ●Import & Export + Support communication of Japanese manager
- Translate between warehouse workers and their Japanese manager
- Deal with each step of the shipping process.
- Track shipments and communicate with clients about the package's progress.
- Coordinate shipping with customs agents for clearance on overseas deliveries.
- Clerks also deal with quotes from prospective shippers and handle claims with insurance companies if any shipment problems happen to occur.
- Provide efficient delivery logistics through data management.
-Fill out import-export documentation.
- Compile carrier and route assignments.
- Compute international fees for each shipment.
- Keep track of shipment payments and quotasllect data, and register packages with government agencies.
Required Qualifications <Must>
- Proven working experience in logistics company
- Japanese N2 level: For translating and report to Japanese manager
- English conversational level for contacting with their forwarders(mainly by email)

- Proven experience in import and Export
- Live in Dong Nai
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000,000CNY 〜 22,700,000CNY
Location Dong Nai

Java Engineer Team Leader(Japanese speaker) ID:10926

Job Description Lead and Management Java team
-Hands on and passionate technical lead who can turn requirements into a detailed design, building consensus within the team and delivering to committed timescales
-Mentor each team member; establish career development plans and achievable goals for your reports and support their ongoing growth

Development Web Application, SmartPhone, and Tablet application
-Development using JavaEE6 or JavaEE7
-Development of UX/UI using HTML5/CSS3
-Development of UX/UI using Jquery
-Design of program and Coding and operation test
Required Qualifications -Have development experience for Web application using object-oriented programming(OOP) *Preferably more than 2 years
-Development and Design experience using UML techniques
-PC skill(Excel or Word)
-Management or Leader experience
-Japanese skill(At least N2 level)
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000,000VND 〜 28,000,000VND

Bridge System Engineer (Dist 10) ID:11890

Job Description -To have connection between offshore and onshore development teams
-To make sure that the offshore team understands the requirements, that questions from the offshore team get answers (and often translations of those answers), etc.
-In a lot of ways it's being a project or development manager, but focused on the offshore/onshore interface
-The client will be Japanese company, so this position do need Japanese skill
Required Qualifications -Doesn't matter age and gender

-3 years experience as a BSE
-Japanese skill(N2 level without qualification)

-Experience as a team leader, and the number of team member is more than 10 members
Salary Monthly Salary 29,500,000VND 〜 38,600,000VND

Sales Staff (Viec lam tieng Nhat) ID:11641

Job Description - Calling to get appointments for new and potential clients
- Clients (Japanese, Vietnamese, foreigner company)
- There is business trip (depends on client / 4 times a month)
- Sales about web marketing
- Suggest the way to solve about client problems by web marketing
Required Qualifications <Must>
- Age : 22-30
- Japanese : N2 advanced level (no holder) to talk with Japanese staffs and attend a meeting with Japanese manager
- Other : who is willing to join CA ADVANCE
- Sales experience : consulting sales or solution sales more than 1 year

- English skills
Salary Monthly Salary 22,700,000VND 〜 45,400,000VND

BSE (Dist 1) (Viec lam tieng Nhat) ID:10451

Job Description -Analyze the request and prepare an external design document
-Tell the specification correctly
-Respond to QA on specifications and environments from members. Escalate if necessary
-Check whether the deliverables meet the requirements
-Periodically report the progress and problems of the project
-Manage project progress
-Build a good relationship with HQ
-Make the meeting with Japanese staff in Japan
-Make meeting with Japanese staff in Japan
Required Qualifications · At least 4 year experience in Web development or smartphone application
· Have experience with PHP or C / C ++ (if have experience in Web development)
· BSE experience of a Japanese project for at least 1 year
· Have experience as team leader
· Have working experience in a Japanese company
· Japanese N2 equivalent or more
· Bright, open and friendly personality
· Can be on-site for more than one year in Japan.
· Used to study or work in Japan
Salary Monthly Salary 1,400USD 〜 2,000USD

Planning Manager(VSIP1) ID:11516

Job Description -
Required Qualifications -Gender: Male/ Female.
-Have experience at the same position in the manufacturing companies.
-Can speak Japanese and English well.
-Be responsible for managing Planning, Customer Service, Purchasing as well as Warehouse.
-Joining date: Dec 1st 2017.
• Minimum 5 years as a master planner,
• University degree in Economic, Foreign Trade, Business Administration or a related field;
• Experienced in ERP system preferably AX Dynamics
• Experienced in Purchasing terms and logistic terms, Customer Service
• Knowledgeable in LEAN and JIT.
• Good communication and written in both English and Japanese

Other Skills/Abilities
• Computer literate, good at Excel, Access;
• Strong communication and presentation skills
• Strong problem solving and analysis skill
• Ability to work independently and in a team environment and ability to manage and prioritize a challenging workload;
Organization Relationship
The Planning Manager reports directly to the Plant Director.

Salary Monthly Salary 45,000,000VND 〜 45,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

General affair (Japanese N2 level ) ID:11220

Job Description - Fluent English or Japanese both written and verbal.
- Able to maintain high work ethics, and a good general site appearance.
- Broad interest, service minded, maintaining confidentiality, networker.
- Software (MS Office), presentation and organisation skills.
Required Qualifications - Responsible for the day to day organisation of the site administrative and organisational tasks (which are often to be dealt with in a confidential way), secretarial functions, general affairs, assistance to the general manager and other managers.
- Handling secretarial duties, reception, telephone and mail and parcel traffic, office and general administration.
- Personal assistant to the site President.
- Taking minutes in dedicated meetings.
- Draws up, in consultation with the superiors, letters, statements, reports, presentations, etc. And finishes them in terms of lay-out, spelling, etc.
- Assistance to management in practical matters, general affairs and administration.
- Taking care of facility management and maintenance, office supplies, relation to service providers, business and personal contacts, potential vendors and relations, cleaning and housekeeping services.
- Organisations of meetings, business trips, hotel and flight bookings, catering, lunches.
- Arrangement of special events and occasions, in cooperation with the site President and the HR officer.
Salary Monthly Salary 600USD 〜 750USD
Location Dong Nai

Senior Sales Engineer(Viec lam tieng Nhat) ID:10625

Job Description - Estimate acquisition
- Delivery deadline adjustment
- Price negotiation
- Suppliers development

✔Client: Follow up existing clients mainly, but have to suggest new parts to existing clients
✔Visit Place: Manufacturing company in Binh Duong mainly
✔How often appointment: Almost every day
✔Supplier: Vietnamese and Taiwanese company
✔Manufacture: Japanese company
Required Qualifications <Must>
- N2 level for contacting with head quarters on the phone and email, and interpreting between Japanese manufactures and Japanese manager
- Conversational English: for reading documents
- Able to read part drawings and machine drawings

- Working in factory as QC
Salary Monthly Salary 17,000,000VND 〜 22,700,000VND

All138 (1〜20 )