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[Junior (1 - 2 years)] Job search list

Conditions in searching
All316 (1〜20 )

Junior Technical Sales(in dist 1)(Viec lam tieng Nhat) ID:10585

Job Description They have one Japanese manager, one VN admin, one VN technical advisor.
●Report to Japanese manager
- Promote their optical equipment such as microscope to Japanese and Vietnamese companies
- Have some sample test
- Make up documents for business talk and estimation
- Technical advice and support after sales(They have 1 year guarantee for their products)
- Pack products and send to clients
- Interpret from Japanese or English to Vietnamese

✔Their main clients are Japanese precision equipment or parts manufacturers
✔Don't need cold calls
Required Qualifications <MUST>
- Had been to Japan as a trainee or studied in Japan
- Japanese: N2 level to communicate with Japanese manager and Japanese client
●Working days and business tirp
- Can go to business trip about once a month
- Can attend some exhibition once or twice a year on Saturday
- Eager to learn some knowledge of their microscope
- Passion for sales

- English:

✓New graduate is OK
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000,000VND 〜 11,300,000VND
Location Dist 1

M&A Advisor Assistant ID:12202

Job Description - Supporting economic information, information of industry / business, Vietnamese enterprises for Japanese clients.
- Gathering information, data and strategies of Vietnamese enterprises to consult and support Japanese and Vietnamese enterprises in the process of analyzing and merging.
- Provide support to the consultants and participate in negotiations on M & A transactions.
- A bridge for trading activities between the two sides of Vietnam - Japan
- In charge of cooperation and support between the groups in the project
Required Qualifications - Proficiency in Japanese N2 level (If don't have Japanese skill must be at least 3 years experience and have TOEIC 780)
- Ability to synthesize, analyze.
- At least 2 years experience (M & A, financial consultancy, corporate strategy, law...)
-Have leadership and love to challenge new things.
Salary Monthly Salary 500USD 〜 1,000USD
Location Dist 1

Import-Export staff ID:11488

Job Description -Import and Export of products
- Communication with MD
- Prepare documentation for import/export
- Making documents for import/export
- Support import team
Required Qualifications - Have 1-2 years experience working in same position.
- Graduated from College/University.

Salary Monthly Salary 300USD 〜 400USD
Location Dong Nai

Production control Asisstant Manager ID:11205

Job Description - Support manager in supervising and controlling work flow.
- Make production plan
- Report production situation
- Other tasks assigned by manager
Required Qualifications - Have at least 1 year experience working at production control department.
- Bachelor degree, major in mechanical, technical, electronic engineer.
- Understand MRP System.
- If candidate can communicate in Japanese it's a big PLUS (N3)
- Can communicate in English
Salary Monthly Salary 750USD 〜 900USD
Location Dong Nai

Heat and Refrigeration Engineer ID:12120

Job Description Main tasks:
- Supervise the installation process of heating & refrigeration system/ equipment
- Instruct and consult the customer how to use/ operate our equipment
- Support clients when needed
- Repair and carry the maintenance service of refrigeration equipment.
- Follow other instruction by manager

** This position requires candidates to travel a lot in work. All expenses will be covered by the company.

Công việc chính:
- Giám sát quy trình lắp đặt hệ thống và các thiết bị công nghiệp lạnh
- Hướng dẫn và tư vấn khách hàng cách sử dụng, vận hành máy móc
- Hỗ trợ khách hàng khi cần
- Sửa chữa và thực hiện bảo dưỡng các thiết bị lạnh
- Các công việc khác theo yêu cầu của cấp trên

** Vị trí này yêu cầu ứng viên sẽ đi công tác thường xuyên các tỉnh trong cả nước trong khi làm việc, toàn bộ chi phí đi lại, ăn ở, vv.. sẽ được công ty trợ cấp theo quy định.
Required Qualifications <Must>
- Must be graduated in Mechanical Engineering/ Heat and Refrigeration Engineering is priority.
- Good in English both writing and speaking (Intermediate level)
- 1-year experience in relevant flied is preferable.
- Good health
- Must willing to travel for business in national location

- Bắt buộc tốt nghiệp ngành cơ khí (ưu tiên ngành nhiệt lạnh)
- Giao tiếp và viết tốt bằng tiếng Anh
- Ưu tiên những ứng viên có ít nhất 1 năm kinh nghiệm trong linh vực liên quan
- Có sức khỏe tốt
- Sẵn sàng đi công tác các tỉnh trong nước khi làm việc

**Please send CV in English when only meeting all of above requirements.
Vui lòng nộp hồ sơ bằng tiếng Anh chỉ khi đáp ứng đủ những yêu cầu trên.

Salary Monthly Salary 7,000,000VND 〜 9,000,000VND
Location Phu Nhuan

Project Sales Executive ID:12122

Job Description - Closely keep customer contacts by regular visiting, quick responding to enquiries, insight technical advice on proper sanitary products or system, clever proposal/quotation offer to achieve sales target;
- Actively follow up/monitor designated projects by coordinating and cooperating with specification team, sales support team & distributors in order to achieve a high winning rate;
- Aggressively expand business opportunities by seeking new potential customers in the area of responsibility to increase market coverage;
- Frequently co-ordinate with customer services department, production, technical services and logistics to ensure prompt delivery, good technical service and product availability to customers' needs;
- Always take responsibility to achieve annual sales target by individuals and by sales team
- Often responsible for project sales database update, on time submission of report & forecast potential future projects;
- Report to project sales leader;
- Other jobs when assigned by the line manager or BOD
Required Qualifications - University graduated or above, major in Technical (Building materials, architecture or aesthetic is a plus).
- Have at least 2-year experience in construction material sales, project sales are preferred.
- Can communicate well in English (TOEIC 650)
- Hardworking and can work under pressure
- Solving problem skill;
- Good communication & networking skill;
- Team work spirit;
- Excellent MS Office skill is required;
Salary Monthly Salary 750USD 〜 900USD
Location Ha Noi

Japanese Executive Assistant(Viec lam tieng Nhat) ID:10491

Job Description -Support for Japanese Executive
-Client support instead of Japanese Executive
-Translate and interpreter Vietnamese to Japanese vise versa
-Taking phone calls from clients
-Making and filing documents
-Report for Japanese Executive
-Other needed tasks
Required Qualifications -Age: 20-35years old
-Gender: Female only
-Experience: No need experience as an Secretary, Interpreter, and Translator
-Language: At least N2 level of Japanese skill(No need certificate)
Salary Monthly Salary 450USD 〜 600USD

Marketing Staff ID:12320

Job Description - investigate about domestic tastes of Japanese products, search for good products.
- Plan the company's marketing and sales strategies.
- Set marketing budget, submit to director for approval. To be responsible for the assigned budget, to be entitled to approve the revenue and expenditure in the allocated budget.
- Develop plans, solutions and organize the implementation of the company's goals and policies for business and marketing.
Required Qualifications - have at least 1-2 years experience in marketing (Japanese products is a plus)
- have knowledge of marketing, knowledge of Japanese goods
- Japanese N3~N2 to communicate with Japanese manager
- Know English is a plus.
Salary Monthly Salary 0VND 〜 0VND
Location Dist 7

Sales Staff (Dist 9) ID:10559

Job Description * Report to Vietnamese Senior Sales
- Sell the screw to construction company
- Follow up existing clients and look for new clients
- Visit clients almost every day by usually motorbike
- Have to hit target each month target
Required Qualifications - Willing to go business
- Under 28 years old, not married
- Experience in Sales
- Education: Vocational
- Active, aggressive
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000VND 〜 15,000,000VND
Location Dist 9

delivery and setting up staff(in Japan!!) ID:12338

Job Description <1st 1 year>
- study Japanese and get driver license (the company support payment)
- set up air-conditioners for customer in Vietnam
- deliver electrical appliance, such as washing-machine, refrigerator and TV in Vietnam
- business trip for Japan and get training above things in Japan(Tokyo)
※in Vietnam, employees can prioritize studying Japanese and getting driver license
<2nd year>
- set up air-conditioners for customer in Japan
- deliver electrical appliance, such as washing-machine, refrigerator and TV in Japan
Required Qualifications - non-experience ok
- interested in studying Japanese and working in Japan
- better if can speak Japanese at beginner level
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000VND 〜 6,000,000VND
Location Dist 1

[VSIP - Thuan An] Nhân Viên Giám Sát Sản Xuất (Chinese speaking) ID:12239

Job Description 1.Theo dõi quản lí chất lượng ,tiến độ sản xuất
2.Báo cáo hằng ngày với cấp trên về các vấn đề phát sinh trong sản xuất
3.Sắp xếp,điều phối công nhân sản xuất đúng kế hoạch.
4.Các công việc liên quan đến hỗ trợ điều phối và quản lí sản xuất.
Required Qualifications * Must have:
- Học vấn: Tốt nghiệp Đại học, chuyên ngành Điện - Điện Tử hoặc Cơ Khí
- Ngoại ngữ: Tiếng Hoa thành thạo (Mandarin)
- Sử dụng tốt vi tính văn phòng (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email,...)

* Plus
- Kinh nghiệm: 2-3 năm ở vị trí Giám Sát Sản Xuất
- Ngoại ngữ: Ngoài Tiếng Hoa, nếu có thể sử dụng được thêm Tiếng Anh hoặc Tiếng Nhật sẽ được ưu tiên

* Skills:
- Có tính sáng tạo,tạo ra những cải tiến nhỏ trong phạm vi công việc.
- Hiểu rõ các kế hoạch làm việc của nhóm hoặc bộ phận
- Khả năng giải quyết công việc nhanh chóng ,chính xác
- Khi có các hướng dẫn /chỉ thị chung, cần đưa ra các quyết định tác động đến kết quả làm việc của phòng ban.
- Có khả năng thuyết phục và làm việc nhóm
- Năng lực lãnh đạo nhóm.
- Sức khỏe tốt.
- Có kỹ năng giao tiếp tốt.
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000,000VND 〜 30,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

PHP Engineer (Dist 3) ID:12339

Job Description - This company has Flextime system.
‐ Offshore development.
- Involve development of PHP web application system.
- Design, coding, implementing, maintaining, testing.
- Make documents for system.
- Developing a cloud service by customizing AWS, as an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon.
Required Qualifications <MUST>
- Have at least 2 years experience in web programming with PHP.
- Knowledge with web application development (Database, LAMP, etc).
- Self-motivated, Good team player, Ability to work independently.
- People who can keep promises.
- Have knowledge of data structures and algorithms, Object oriented programming.
- Familiar with PHP frameworks, SQL, HTML, jQuery.
- Configuring and setting up Linux server.
- Communication skill in English.
Salary Monthly Salary 9,000,000VND 〜 27,000,000VND
Location Dist 3

Sales Admin ID:11919

Job Description They have factory in Dong Nai and representative office in HCMC - Dist.1
They need two person work in HCM office and can go business trip in Dong Nai factory
Sales support:
・Make and submit document of request for approval
・Make hand over document
・Translation work
・Arrangement for tender document
・Make sales document
- Report to HQ
. Do some admin task as assigned
Required Qualifications <Must>
- Japanese N2 level
- Have more than 1 year experience in Admin
- Have experience in Sales Support/Admin
- Good looking
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000,000VND 〜 15,000,000VND
Location Dist 1

- ID:12335

Job Description -
Required Qualifications -
Salary Monthly Salary 0USD 〜 0USD
Location Ha Noi

Sales(Dist 4)(Blade for machine) ID:12342

Job Description - Visit clients (Japanese company, Vietnamese company and other country's company)
- Find new clients
- Attend Japanese or Vietnamese or other community to find new client
- Suggested sales
- Conclusion of the contract
- Support Japanese Director
- Other tasks that is required
Required Qualifications <MUST>
・English - intermediate (TOEIC : around 500)
✔Fresh graduate is okay
✔No experience is okay

・Honest People

※English scene
・Company Official language
・report to the director
・Presentation for abroad customer (in the future)
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000,000VND 〜 12,000,000VND
Location Dist 4

Bridge Software Engineer - BSE_(Japanese language) ID:12336

Job Description ・Analyze requirement, discuss with technical team to propose solutions/estimation to customer
・Be responsible for all project requirements in Vietnam side and help the development team to clarify if any unclear
・Communicate with customer via phone, web meeting, and discuss question/issues via ticket system on all project related matters
・Work closely with Project Manager to monitor, control project and report project status/progress to customer daily/weekly
・Translate detail design, test cases from Japanese to Vietnamese or vice versa
・Join the final test to make sure the delivery matched with customer expectation.
Required Qualifications MUST:
Education: BS Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or related subject
Language : Advanced Japanese level (N2 - above N3) and good communication skill
Experience: At least 1 year or 2 years of experience working as BSE position for offshore company and understand Japanese working style
・Have negotiation skills to deal with customer on issues related to work content, quality, schedule etc
・Understand software development process and outsourcing
・Knowledge and experience to make basic design and detail design

・Be able to read & understand technical specifications in English language is a plus
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000,000VND 〜 24,750,000VND
Location Dist 3

Mechanical Engineer (JPN Speaker) ID:10517

Job Description - Understand client needs
- Analyze the drawings (Mechanic/ Automotive machine)
- Design or redesign mechanical and thermal devices using analysis and computer-aided design
- Develop and test prototypes of devices they design
- Analyze the test results and change the design as needed
Required Qualifications Age : 23-30 years
Gender: Male
Education : Graduated from University; major in Mechanical Engineering
Experience :
- at least 1 year working experience
- able to read the drawings
Language : Japanese communication (Fluent ~N2)
Salary Monthly Salary 400USD 〜 650USD
Location Dist 3

QA/QC Staf(Binh Chanh )f(electronic components) ID:12020

Job Description - Approves incoming materials by confirming specifications
- Approves in-process production by confirming specifications
- Communicating required adjustments to production supervisor
- Approves finished products by confirming specifications
- Documents inspection results by completing reports and logs
- Keeps measurement equipment operating by following operating instructions
- Maintains safe and healthy work environment by following standards and procedures
- Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities
- Accomplishes quality and organization mission by completing related results as needed.
Required Qualifications <MUST>


・live near the company(within 30 minutes is better)
✔New graduate is OK( high school is also okay)


・Japanese company


・good at email,office,etc..(especially Excel)
・have degree of bachelor
・personality - honest
Salary Monthly Salary 11,788,000USD 〜 11,788,000USD
Location Others

Textile Merchandising Assistant(in dist 1) ID:12186

Job Description They are dealing with textile, especially dyed goods.
●Report to Japanese manager
- Contact and business trip to factory to check and follow sample.
- Ensure samples follow customer rules.
- Make sure that sample’s spec is true and punctual for produce.(Especially, Color of textile)
- Contact and inform customer and relation factory, relation supplier
Required Qualifications ✔Education background doesn't matter

- English: Can communicate with Japanese manager, and Korean/Japanese clients
- N3 level : communicating with Japanese clients(some clients can not speak in English fluently)
- Can go to factory in Hoc mon with Japanese manager(by company car)

Salary Monthly Salary 9,000,000VND 〜 13,600,000VND
Location Dist 1

【好待遇&年齢不問】エンジニアリングマネージャー!タイ担当のためタイに頻繁に出張に行きます ID:12149

Job Description ・機械/システム設計(樹脂乾燥機、樹脂輸送機、金型温度調節機、冷却水供給システム、樹脂配合機、樹脂粉砕機など)
Required Qualifications ■電気 または 機械 の設計ができる、またはやったことがある方
■海外勤務 または 海外出張のできる方(イタリアへの出張が多く発生する予定です)
Salary Monthly Salary 3,000USD 〜 7,000USD
Location Others

All316 (1〜20 )