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[Junior (1 - 2 years)] Job search list

Conditions in searching
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Production manager(cum Mold Design)( Long Duc)(plastic) ID:12999

Job Description <Target>
- Manufacturing mold(Mainly import from Japan, export to Japan)
- Manufacturing molded product for Japanese company in Vietnam

Tell instructions from the headquarters to the engineer

Delivery date control
Delivery control
Process control
Production control

※ Need to talk to Japanese in head office, Japanese client by email
Required Qualifications <MUST>
- N3 advanced or N2 (writing and listening is important)
- 3D CAD knowledge
- Mold design experience

✖ Trainee

- Manager experience
- Experience 3-5 years
- Working experience in Japanese company
Salary Monthly Salary 13,000,000VND 〜 20,000,000VND
Location Dong Nai

Production control staff (VSIP1 /Mix flour) ID:12448

Job Description - Receive order sheet from Sales Dept, Accounting & BOM
- Materials & products stock management
- Request purchase material to Purchasing section
- Receive answer of material delivery situation from Purchasing section
- Make production schedule for manufacture
- Issue Direction sheet to measuring material
- Write daily report to BOM when the date finish
- Member of FS
- Get direct orders from BOM in manufacture

- Must inform Factory manager serious condition of material.
- Coordinate with purchasing staff follow material delivery situation
- Report all problems during establish production planning & give out solution
- Get approval of factory manager before set up working under many shifts
Required Qualifications <MUST>
・English(intermediate) - Official language is English
・Experience at least 2 years experience according to Production control
・Age under 30 years old.

・Degree of bachelor (industry management, mechanics or something like that)
・live near the company
Salary Monthly Salary 11,000,000VND 〜 14,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

ISO staff( Long Duc)(plastic) ID:13001

Job Description <Target>
- Manufacturing mold(Mainly import from Japan, export to Japan)
- Manufacturing molded product for Japanese company in Vietnam

→ Make document or rule in factory after getting Instruction from head office

- QC
Required Qualifications <MUST>
- N3
- ISO 1+ (QC experience is okay)

✖ Trainee

- Prefer female
- N2
- Experience of Product inspection or measurement
Salary Monthly Salary 9,000,000VND 〜 11,500,000VND
Location Dong Nai

GA staff(nursing certificate)(Thuan An)(Garment) ID:13196

Job Description CDD can choose from below
- Normally will be GA staff (Other position may need experience, although it depends on CDD)

- MD
- Production control
- Interpreter
- GA
Required Qualifications -
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000VND 〜 7,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

Senior BSE (N2) ID:13074

Job Description ● Project Managing for Web/SmartPhone Apps as BPM (Bridge Project Manager)
● Discussing Requirement/Schedule/System Design with Client directly
● Managing quality & schedule of project
● Using latest development support tools
● Translating Japanese documents/tasks/etc..into Vietnamese
Required Qualifications (MUST)
● N2 (Especially communication skill to talk to the client)
● BSE/IT Communicator experience
● PM experience
● Strong programming with any programming language
● Being proactive and high sense of responsibility, ambitious, willing to learn & hardworking

● Experience in programming with any programming language
● Experience or knowledge about AWS/Azure/GCP
● English
Salary Monthly Salary 1,000USD 〜 2,500USD
Location Dist 3

QA staff (VSIP II)(insulation system) ID:13213

Job Description - Test coil
Required Qualifications <MUST>
- Electrical degree

- Prefer male
- Live near VSIP 2
- Working experience
- Japanese skill
- Those who can work independently
Salary Monthly Salary 800,000VND 〜 900,000VND
Location Binh Duong

Sales ( Korean ) ID:13229

Job Description - Make a phone call/Travelling to visit customers 2,3 times a week/ Meeting regular sales targets
- Establishing new, and maintaining existing, relationships with customers
- Managing and interpreting customer requirements
- Calculating, preparing the quotations in system/ sending to customers/ collecting customer order
- Negotiating and closing sales by agreeing terms and conditions
- Offering after-sales support services, Solving client problems
- Administering client accounts
Required Qualifications Must :

- Being interested in a sales job
- Korean : Native level
- English : Intermadiate communication level

Advantage :

- Person who has business experience (* Industry, years in question)
- Experience working abroad
- Those who hold TOEIC certification

Salary Monthly Salary 1,500VND 〜 2,000VND
Location Ha Noi

Maintenance Engineer ( Electrical) ID:10927

Job Description - Acquisition of Japanese technology, applied to establish conditions of equipment production in Vietnam.
- Installing production equipment; Operate, improve and respond when problems arise.
- Compliance with regulations, rules, ethical ritual in the company.
Required Qualifications - Graduated College or University, Institute of Electrical, Electronic, Automation, Electrical system.
- Have knowledge and experience in maintenance of electrical equipment.
- Having knowledge and experience in electrical safety when operating electric circuits and wires.
- High responsibility, careful, enthusiastic in work.
- Ability to communicate and handle situations.
- Ability to work independently, teamwork.
Salary Monthly Salary 7,000,000VND 〜 12,000,000VND
Location Ha Noi


Job Description Main Focuses:
* Department Lead:
- Manage and monitor overall HR activities, systems, tactics and procedures across the organization.
* Recruitment :
- Build up recruitment plan
- Review and improve recruitment procedure.
- Employer branding.
* Training and development:
- Review and re-design Employee Education Circle (EEC).
- Take charge of EEC implementation.
- Build up company performance review and feedback systems.
* Compensation & Benefit:
- Manage timesheet
- Implement other benefits and related payments (Social & Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Personal Income Tax) and coordinate with external agency for tax declaration.
- Plan for C&B monthly and yearly budget together with activities
Required Qualifications Education background : Top university or high GPA or HR certificate example: SHRM, Master...) or have achievements at work (good HR's KPI).
Experience :
• At least one-year experience as HR Business Partner for Sales in Multinational Corporation (MNC) or HR Team Leader in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME).
Language : English - Upper-Intermediate Level b ecause HRM will report to Indian Director.
• Have strong knowledge and experiences with Recruitment Procedure (the number of recruitment, retention rate, recruitment conversion rate, time to recruit 1 employee, Recruitment tactic + Employer branding), Company feedback and review systems.,
• Have immense passion for HR
• Good sense of people development and company culture
• Leadership capacity (Strategic thinking + Planning skills + Manage team)
• Strong thinking and ownership
• Ability to work with numbers, Data driven mindset and Evidence-based decision making.
• Result-oriented & have high responsibility.
• Prefer 9X (Because CEO 89)
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000,000VND 〜 25,000,000VND
Location Dist 1,Dist 4,Dist 7

Interpreter/Secretary (painting/Binh Duong) ID:10975

Job Description -This position is concurrently serving as interpreter and secretary.
-Also have to do GA task.
-Translate instructions from General Directer to employees
-Translate documents and e-mail.
-Create meeting materials and aggregate data.
-Visit your client with General Directer and make the role of the secretary
Required Qualifications <MUST>
-At least 2 years experience as interpreter or secretary
-Japanese ; N2 basic
-Out going
Salary Monthly Salary 11,000,000VND 〜 16,000,000VND
Location Binh Duong

Front-end ( Javascript, ReactJS ) ID:13162

Job Description You prioritise the delivery of customer value above the adherence to technical dogma.
You put the needs of the team and the customer ahead of your own.
You are enthusiastic but considered in your adoption of new tools and methodologies.
You have strong opinions, weakly held.
You trust, but verify.
You use technology to solve customer challenges and not just for technology's sake.
You have the company vision, customer and the product strategy in mind when you write every line of code.
You love JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You care about writing code for humans. You lint and hint your code and never let a build stay red.
Required Qualifications Language : English (Intermediate Level) (use to interview & work with Client)
Experience : 01 - 02 years in the same position.
Working with a modern Front-end JavaScript framework (e.g. React, AngularJS)
Understanding your team’s product domain, and its customers
Writing semantic HTML whilst utilising templating languages (e.g. JSX, Jade/Pug)
Creating re-usable CSS using pre-processors (mostly SCSS)
Working with NodeJS development tools (eg. Gulp, NPM, Makefiles)
Writing the right Tests at the right levels (Jasmine, Jest, Selenium)
Embedding UI libraries correctly (we use our own in-house library similar to Bootstrap / Foundation)
Ensuring the creation of highly accessible code (W3C WCAG 2.0, ARIA)
Working with task workflow & continuous integration tools (JIRA Agile, Confluence, Bamboo)
Managing and maintaining code with Git (ideally Bitbucket)
Salary Monthly Salary 11,000,000VND 〜 17,000,000VND
Location Dist 3

営業スタッフ(韓国語) ID:13227

Job Description ・新規/既存の顧客訪問
・営業会議出席  など
Required Qualifications ◎営業職に興味がある方 ◎韓国語でネイティブレベルの会話が出来る方 ◎英語コミュニケーションレベル


Salary Monthly Salary 1,500USD 〜 3,000USD
Location Ha Noi

QA/QC Staf(Binh Chanh )(electronic components) ID:12020

Job Description Not only QA/QC task but also translate and production control

- Approves incoming materials by confirming specifications
- Approves in-process production by confirming specifications
- Communicating required adjustments to production supervisor
- Approves finished products by confirming specifications
- Documents inspection results by completing reports and logs
- Keeps measurement equipment operating by following operating instructions
- Maintains safe and healthy work environment by following standards and procedures
- Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities
- Accomplishes quality and organization mission by completing related results as needed.

- Taking communication with Japanese manager and mail task with Japanese office

<Production control>
-shipping task
Required Qualifications <MUST>
- N3(advanced is better especially reading & witing)
※Prefer N2 level

- Excel skill ( also email,MS office skill )
※Necessary to know how to enter Calculation formula

- Live near the company(within 30 minutes is better)

✔No need experience
✔Fresh graduate is OK( high school is also okay)

・Japanese company


・have degree of bachelor
・personality - honest
Salary Monthly Salary 11,000,000VND 〜 11,500,000VND
Location Others

Sales representative(beauty machine)(Dist 1) ID:12815

Job Description <Sales of Beauty machine>
- Sale to spa managed by Vietnamese
- Marketing
- Make a list and visit client

- Make sales structure
- Train Vietnamese staff
- Manage Vietnamese staff (They will hire staff level soon)
- Make sales plan
Required Qualifications <MUST>
- N2 (Conversation with Japanese manager & Read Japanese Mechanical specifications)
- Sales experience 1+ ( have to sale by themselves)

- Those who can work hardly
- Female (Good looking, Cheerful, Briskly)
- English
- Bachelor degree
- Working experience in Japanese company especially start-up company
- Sales experience (manager class is preferred)
Salary Monthly Salary 17,000,000VND 〜 44,000,000VND
Location Dist 1

Assembly line leader(Pump)(Nha Be) ID:13205

Job Description -
Required Qualifications -
Salary Monthly Salary 9,000,000VND 〜 14,000,000VND

Electrical equipment and Welder ID:13203

Job Description None
Required Qualifications None
Salary Monthly Salary 180,000JPY 〜 200,000JPY
Location Others

Sales and Marketing(in dist 1) ID:13165

Job Description <Pay attention>
1. Working on every Sat full-time
2. No commission and incentive up to now(can be consultant)
3. Their Supplier factory is all the Vietnamese and a small factory(less than 10 employee)
4. Visit clients by your motorbike and get gasoline fee according to kilometers

<Job summary>
They are a trading company and have 8 supplier factory in Vietnam now. The factory are making their "Kimono".
They check the quality and export products to Japan.
They would like to get more supplier factory to expand their business.

- Visiting new factory's owner and explaining their company
- Collecting some Vietnamese factory owner and having an orientation about service
- Updating their facebook to attract factory owners

Required Qualifications <Must>
- More than College
- At least 2 year experience of sales experience(Visiting, getting new clients)
- Good appearance to attract suppliers

- Developing new supplier experience in trading company
Salary Monthly Salary 9,000,000VND 〜 15,000,000VND
Location Dist 1

お茶畑の管理運営*未経験歓迎!語学不問!* ID:13225

Job Description - 具体的な業務内容
Required Qualifications 語学不問!経験不問!海外で働きたい方1


Salary Monthly Salary 1,800USD 〜 1,800USD
Location Lai Chau


Job Description -* Trách nhiệm:
- Là nhân viên của bộ phận khối hỗ trợ, hỗ trợ cho các nhiệm vụ về hành chính văn phòng. quản lý kho xuất nhập khẩu, liên lạc với khách hàng.

* Nhiệm vụ:
- Nhập và xuất đơn đặt hàng / Quản lý / Mua hàng / Nhập dữ liệu bán hàng
- Tiếp nhận phản hồi của khách hàng phía Việt Nam (≒ Dịch vụ khách hàng)
- Hỗ trợ nhân viên người nước ngoài, xin VISA khi đi công tác, sắp xếp chỗ ở, ô tô, hỗ trợ hành chính nói chung
- Giữ quan hệ tốt với khách hàng,, hỗ trợ khi cần thiết
Required Qualifications <PHẢI>
- Chỉ tuyển Nữ
- Giao tiếp trôi chảy tiếng Anh trong công việc là bắt buộc
- Có ít nhất 2 năm kinh nghiệm làm việc tại công ty nước ngoài
- Sống gần công ty (30 phút để đi từ nhà đến công ty là tối đa)
- Có thể đi công tác (cả ở nước ngoài và nội địa)

- Kỹ năng tiếng Nhật là lợi thế
- Kinh nghiệm làm việc tại công ty Nhật Bản là ưu tiên
- Người phụ nữ đã lập gia đình đc ưu tiên
- Có kinh nghiệm làm 1 trong số các công việc miêu tả trong JD phía trên.
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000,000VND 〜 15,000,000VND
Location Ha Noi

Japanese Executive Assistant(Viec lam tieng Nhat) ID:10491

Job Description -Support for Japanese Executive
-Client support instead of Japanese Executive
-Translate and interpreter Vietnamese to Japanese vise versa
-Taking phone calls from clients
-Making and filing documents
-Report for Japanese Executive
-Other needed tasks
Required Qualifications -Age: 20-35years old
-Gender: Female only
-Experience: No need experience as an Secretary, Interpreter, and Translator
-Language: At least N2 level of Japanese skill(No need certificate)
Salary Monthly Salary 450USD 〜 1,000USD

All357 (1〜20 )